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12-23-2007, 06:17 PM
Ron Paul's website recently put up the head figure endorsements, but what I think would really be awesome is someone making a single video on Youtube with a call for endorsements in reply. This way we can all put faces to the "Ronbots" on the web.

I tried filming this video today, but I'm afraid I am not a great motivational speaker. Here is the general prompt I was going to use:

"I am making this video because of a realization that I and others have had about the visibility of Ron Paul's support online.

Quite simply, It is very easy to dismiss a group of people on the internet for what or who they believe in for the simple reason that text on a computer screen has no personality. this is why, in our sheer numbers, they call us Ronbots. It is so trivial for others to discredit the people WE know are real; because without faces, without visible votes, we mean nothing to the players of the political game.

Also, a main method that members of the Old Media, and their audiences, use to show a candidate's viability is that of endorsements. Who is Chuck Norris's homeboy? Who is 50 cent's homegirl?...and yet our importance in this process is so much more prominent than any of these celebrities because WE hold the majority vote...

If anything, our endorsement should mean so much more than any other... it makes you wonder what the intentions of Old Media Conglomerates are.

And so, in knowing these two facts, I invite anyone...
if you love liberty,
if you know the constitution is a document specifically crafted to maintain our rights and needs to be restored,
if you are certain that the best way to improve our world and spread freedom and peace everywhere is to lead by example and stop causing war against invisible enemies
if in your heart you know definitively that leaking our tax monies into foreign lands and investing in worthless beurocracies is ruining our economy
if you are voting for the one candidate that is resolute to try and change that
rather than petitioning on a faceless website with your text email, I invite YOU to join me in replying here with your video endorsing Congressman Ron Paul for the office of The President of the United States.

Thank you so much for you time. "

Is anyone up for doing this GOOD? I think it would be great to have everyone WANT to be a part of this.

12-23-2007, 07:09 PM
*self bump*

I guess if nobody responds then people aren't interested.