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12-23-2007, 04:55 PM
Great article by Jennifer Reynolds...............

Ron Paul's Campaign: So Poorly Understood By All

Ron Paul is running a campaign that most seemed doomed to misunderstand because it is so unusual. Ron Paul is not running a traditional campaign, nor is he attracting the traditional supporters, in fact, Ron Paul is attracting those that have never been attracted to politics at all. That is because Ron Paul just makes sense. He is the man for the people, the real people not the corporations, or the big lobbyists, but you and me.

The media seems to have no idea that the common man is not pleased with the political system, so they try very hard to fit the Paul campaign phenomena in old boxes that do not fit in this case. It can be quite amusing. The funniest thing to watch is the media trying to explain these big money bombs that Ron Paul has brought in. The first one came on November 5, and brought in $4.3 million a figure that had every analyst scratching their heads and every candidate trying to copy the move.

The second one came on December 16 and brought in over $6 million dollars. Dennis Kucinich put on his own "money bomb" that he thought would bring in millions and instead it brought in less than $150,000. They all seem to think that it is the "concept" of the money bomb that is what did the trick. For this reason, many mainstream outlets are searching desperately for the mastermind behind these money bombs and have settled on Trevor Lyman, a man who agreed to help with the website. So the media thinks it now has its explantion for why Ron Paul did so well - he had a marketing genius behind him. Not so. Not even close. The Ron Paul phenomena is a phenomena because Americans are clamoring for Ron Paul's message. What they fail to understand is that neither fund raising day was Mr. Lyman's idea, in fact, Trevor Lyman had very little to do with either day, (even he will admit it) all he did was design and maintain a website, it took the work of multitudes to make the days successful. In other words, he was just one of thousands of cogs in the whole "money bomb" machine.

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Nice article.