View Full Version : The campaign or grassroots needs to release some ATTACK ads...

12-23-2007, 12:56 PM
... attacking the ISSUES :D

No need to single out any of his opponents as his opponents do. He is about a message of freedom. Why not have his message attack their message? No need to name names, just tell the differences between his message and theirs. Maybe a MYTH vs. FACT scenario for the Iraq War?

MYTH: The Iraq War was started in order to combat Al-Qaeda.
FACT: Saddam was actually working to suppress Al-Qaeda who wanted to overthrow him. By removing him, we helped Al-Qaeda with one of their goals.

MYTH: The Iraq War only cost $50 Billion.
FACT: The Iraq War UP TO {date here} has actually cost {dollar amount appropriated}. The True cost of the war UP TO {same date} however is {dollar amount plus interest since it is debt} including the projected 5 year interest from this debt.

MYTH: Ron Paul would not get into any war.
FACT: Ron Paul would DEFEND this nation as that is his duty as Commander in Chief. He would also take American Forces to war IF Congress came to a consensus for our National Defense and declared war on another nation. The last time this was done was during World War II.

I don't like normal attack ads, but these would essentially be attacking a neutral policy and I don't think people would react as they do to normal attack ads. In fact, it would be something new over past commercials.

I was thinking at first that you could almost play it like the issues were a candidate and act like it's one of the normal attack ads:
"The Iraq War says 'I'm only going to cost $50 Billion'. Why is it then that the Iraq war has cost..."
That might be a little cheesy though :D

Would be funny to see the FED talking though :)

12-23-2007, 12:57 PM
Yes there should be clarification on the issues