View Full Version : Convert 2 a day and win this election - the Power of Numbers

12-23-2007, 10:24 AM
Ever heard of the 1 penny story? If I gave you 1 penny today, doubled that tomorrow, by the end of the month, you would have approximately 1,073,741,823 pennies.

Let's say each new person supporting Ron Paul is a penny, and add double that amount of pennies for Ron Paul each day.

So today, convert one person to Ron Paul.

Tomorrow, convert another person to Ron Paul. Now, the trick is this: make sure the person you converted yesterday, converts someone else tomorrow to Ron Paul.

Third day, you convert one more person, make sure the other two also convert two people to Ron Paul. But also make sure the person your friend converted yesterday also converts another person.

In the beginning it's just you. You convert 1, which makes 2. Next day, both of you convert one, which makes 4. Next day, you get 8 Ron Paul supporters.

And so on.

And so you go on at this pace for about a month. At the end, you've converted 1,073,741,823 people to Ron Paul. That's right - over 1 billion people.

I admit, it's a laughable concept. First of all, we don't have enough time - the Iowa Caucuses are in under two weeks. Second of all, not everyone's going to convert one person each day.

But guess what? We also have an advantage. We're not starting with one person.

We can start with the 123,000 different donors who donated to Ron Paul this quarter. We can even start with the mere 10,000 members on this forum.

If all of us 10,000 or so forum members convert 1 person a day, and tomorrow, tell that person to convert another person and tell THAT person to convert another one the next day, we will have converted 10,240,000 people by the 10th day.

And that's not all. Many of our patriots aren't just converting one a day. They're converting 10s, 20s, even 50s a day.

The key is to make sure your converts convert as well. Don't simply let them languish in their suppressed Ron Paul enthusiasm. Encourage their inner fire and inspire them - show them a couple videos of Ron Paul supporters, or lead them onto this website. They will be instantly hooked, and realize that they are now officially part of a Revolution.

And the first part of being a revolutionary is that you must spread the cause... and as fast as possible. Time is running out. Make sure that they understand that their first and primary job is to spread the cause of Ron Paul. More than donating, more than posting on this forum, more than joining meetup groups and more than putting up signs.

Ron Paul's name is out there, folks. The problem is, many people have their doubts or have minor issues with Ron Paul. You can't let that happen - you must dedicate - your entire day if necessary - to that one person, who can make all the difference. Show them videos, articles, photographs about Ron Paul. Show them facts and figures when they try to disprove you (it's quite easy to research facts, just use this forum) It doesn't matter who they are, how old they are. Anyone can spread the good message of Ron Paul.

Of course, finally, don't get stumbled along the way. Stick to your goal of at least 1 a day - more is always better. But never focus too hard on someone who simply won't budge. Go for someone, anyone, who you think will listen, and try your hardest to make them a revolutionary on the spot. And tell them to do the same.

It's approximately 10 days until the Iowa Caucuses. I admit, we are out of time - if we, starting with us 10,000 forum members, convert 1 a day, we won't make it by time - only 10+ million by Jan 3rd.

So go above and beyond. Tell your Ron Paul friends about this too. And try your best to convert above the minimum level of 1 per day - if we convert two a day, we'll get almost 200 million by the 9th day, and almost 600 million by the 10th day, if we suppose we start out with just 10,000 and go at 2 a day (and tell those people to convert two a day).

You can call this the 10 day home stretch, the 10 meter final part, the final rush from third base to home base for the win. It doesn't matter what you call it.

These next 10 days are the most crucial to Ron Paul's campaign.

And it doesn't even take that much. Ron Paul's message is amazingly persuasive and convincing - you are simply the messenger. Tell people the facts, and they will respond. Even the worst of persuaders (me) is able to convert people with Ron Paul's message. It is simply too powerful.

So do it. Tell your friends. Two a day. Or a minimum of one. Let's win this election for Ron Paul.