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12-22-2007, 09:25 PM
Here is an excerpt from a very important article:


I realize everyone is excited, pumped, thrilled, anxious, and very emotional. But this article is the real thing. If we do not follow the wisdom of what Devvy is warning us about concerning the purposed and designed fraud in electronic voting machines, and what we must do about it, it will ALL, I repeat, it will ALL be in vain. These people will do WHATEVER it takes to keep Ron Paul out of power, because he is a HUGE threat to the power behind the scenes. The political electronic voting process is a front to keep people believing that they are truly electing their candidate.

The excerpt:

Enemy number three: Electronic voting machines. If you have an agenda and you want it to go forward, you make sure the lawmakers and policy makers, both county, state and federal, are put in office and stay in office. THAT is the purpose of electronic voting machines. I began pounding on this issue in 1993 and again, you need only do a scroogle.org search with my name plus vote fraud and dozens of columns will appear. The good news is that because, slowly but surely over time, Americans have finally caught on to these insidious devices which have been stealing our elections for decades. More and more progress is being made to get rid of them once and for all and it's primarily being done by the states themselves because of massive heat from we the people.

Those all important primaries, which I detest, are coming up: 15 days to Iowa, 20 days to New Hampshire and "Super Tuesday," Feb. 5, 2008; as many as 22 states could be in; see map here. Electronic voting machines in all forms will be used in most of these states. This is bad for honest and fair elections. It is very bad for Ron Paul. I know a big effort is being made to have precinct watchers in place, but here's the raw truth about those machines: They have internal modems which can be programmed from anywhere. So called "paper trails" mean nothing because of the ability to rig the vote and spit out a different number. I covered this extensively in my booklet, Blind Loyalty, devoted to vote fraud, giving example after example after example; this booklet is on my CD.

What has to be done? The same thing I've been telling candidates for 15 years: you have to audit precincts with hand counts. I proved in my Blind Loyalty booklet how hand count disputes resulted in a defeat turned into a win. Old veterans like me remember what happened to Buchanan during the primaries and even if you would never vote for him, I hope you will agree that election fraud is not what this country is about. I know Ron Paul's campaign is worried about this and well they should be. This web site has a tremendous amount of information on vote fraud. There's no doubt in my mind based on my research that counterfeit U.S. Senator Harry Reid was elected by electronic vote fraud as was U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez, who I am also convicned is an illegal alien.

Those of us who support Ron Paul have given his campaign more than enough funds to conduct these audits and I will be sadly disappointed if it doesn't happen. How do you do this? The bigger the precinct, the easier it is to pull off vote fraud with machines as I discussed in my Blind Loyalty booklet. The day after the primary, Dr. Paul's campaign needs to immediately file for a hand count in a half dozen precincts in the big cities and a small number of precincts in areas where he was showing strong support but allegedly lost.

Let me give you an example: In Modesto, California, several elections ago, a local measure, M, was supposed to pass. It was popular and it didn't. A hand recount was done, televised on our local news. What it showed after the first 500 cards were fed into the machine was sysematic flopping of the vote count. The process was stopped, all the cards were hand counted and the measure actually passed. It doesn't matter what "paper trail" is coming out of the machine because they are programmed internally. Only the programmers know the code and you and I, according to the courts, have no right to this proprietary information even though we pay for every phase of elections in this country.

Ron Paul's campaign needs to get set up over the next couple of weeks with the paper work that has to be filed in Iowa and New Hampshire. I know NH used to be 100% hand counted ballots, but research I just did shows the voters there will be robbed like all the other states. A candidate has to catch the fraud immediately and file an injunction to stop certification of the vote, otherwise, it stands. Let me repeat that: You have to catch the fraud when its fresh or the vote will stand.

I sincerely hope Ron Paul doesn't do the same thing Bob Dornan did when he allegedly lost his race to Loretta Sanchez. Dornan made a few whimpers, did a little scratching on the surface and then walked away. I say no more. Your supporters aren't just giving so generously from their wallets, but also their time and hope. No more, gee the media calls the outcome of the vote five minutes after the polls close and you walk away and onto to the next state. Choose those precincts at random, get the hand count done and then let's see the true results. Of course, we're still stuck with tainted voting rolls as I have written about before and this means massive numbers of illegals voting.

Earlier this week one of the cable anchors spent endless minutes on Rudy Julie Annie, Flip Romney and Brother Huckabee honking that once the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries were over, it was pretty much over for the nomination. Such blatant propaganda is toxic, but the norm. Congressman Paul is in this for the long haul, but vote fraud will hinder his run because of the message it sends: no one votes for him. Every trick in the book will be used to keep Dr. Paul's vote count low to dry up his support and funding. Before you knee jerk, read the book, Vote Scam: The Stealing of America, by the Collier Brothers, they caught the League of Women Voters commiting vote fraud on film. I read Vote Scam back in 1993 and it made me sick to my soul which is why I have never let up on this issue. You can read the book on line for free. The chapter dealing with the aforementioned fraud is here.

We have to stay focused right through the moronic "Super Tuesday" and then on to the convention delegates. A reminder: If you do want to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries, you need to check your state regarding elibility to vote by party; this map shows the dates of the primaries. See Ron Paul's web site for dates to change your party affilation voter registration.

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