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12-22-2007, 02:52 PM
I would like to bring your attention to this new FREE SOFTWARE you may have never heard about. I think the Grassroots movement could utilize this to our advantage. I just heard about it a week ago.

Pando (http://www.pando.com) and RedSwoosh (http://www.akamai.com/redswoosh)

I haven't tried RedSwoosh (http://www.akamai.com/redswoosh). Pando (http://www.pando.com) I have tried and I am very happy with. For those of you who would like to share files over the web, but don't have any public web space, this will be great.

WARNING: Scan any files you download for viruses.

12-22-2007, 05:01 PM
I am currently uploading and should be sharing very soon the original ISO's of Command and Conquer (original 1995). This is not my computer so this is the only thing on this machine worth sharing today as a demonstration of what Pando (http://www.pando.com/) can do. Sorry if C&C isn't your cup of tea. Pando can share any number of documents or images we need to spread around the grassroots. (this is not illegal, command and conquer was released free by Eastwood's owners EA.)

If you don't have web space available this is extremely easy to use and gets whatever image or document you need the grassroots to use out to the public in a hurry. This also works for YOUTUBE video's that are more then 10MB!!! You upload to youtube, but if anyone wants the full 100MB file this method gets it into the hands of the grassroots also, once Pando (http://www.pando.com/)has got it.

Note: the boxes below are generated using forum bb script and are provided by Pando (http://www.pando.com/)for quick and easy sharing.

http://cache.pando.com/soapservices/SendToWeb/E97BB400A3EE71B613939B48F7461DBA42F927DF/8C15E546833DF064EE80A40CEBBACD95/Preview.png (http://cache.pando.com/soapservices/Package/package.pando?id=E97BB400A3EE71B613939B48F7461DBA4 2F927DF&key=81480E0E66DAFF3B7867F024C8F01E06DBC375D1C241A3 EA8C636C2AAE2425C7&tt=S2W&embedId=8C15E546833DF064EE80A40CEBBACD95)

http://cache.pando.com/soapservices/SendToWeb/1B2829E495D8B60F3E6C03215956EF62FCB26D37/6EA6C1F8D4F58D672A25EC6FC639DFD4/Preview.png (http://cache.pando.com/soapservices/Package/package.pando?id=1B2829E495D8B60F3E6C03215956EF62F CB26D37&key=A5A920C7479088BA4A567C91FC874C30BB134B70DB44DD 2C4DB155BEA61189E0&tt=S2W&embedId=6EA6C1F8D4F58D672A25EC6FC639DFD4)

12-22-2007, 08:13 PM
I have finished the upload. So you should be able to download now.

There are some DLL problems trying to run a WIN95 game on XP. First you have to tell XP to run the game as Win95 and you may need this patch.

http://cache.pando.com/soapservices/SendToWeb/63ACC6B747174599CB8B30967F4AFDF69F6E5FA5/CF13B9E79C09C7157B3140945D9DBA16/Preview.png (http://cache.pando.com/soapservices/Package/package.pando?id=63ACC6B747174599CB8B30967F4AFDF69 F6E5FA5&key=39F8989DABE0BD9F2A2A4C81F97D80F936889DDE0AA5CE 64DAC5C4751E6174DB&tt=S2W&embedId=CF13B9E79C09C7157B3140945D9DBA16)