View Full Version : More Forum Organization ?

12-22-2007, 12:57 PM
I do not mean to be negative in any way. I love what everyone is doing, but I must say that this forum simply has too many forums!

There are an incredible number of people here at any one time, but we are simply too spread out!

I have worked in web design and must kindly say that this is getting a bit dizzying.

There are simply too many forums to choose from and too much redundancy.

For instance; why have both local forum and state forums ? Where do I go ? couldn't local be within state ? or should I just go to a grass root forum ?

Organization is power.

I do have MANY ideas about how to actually organize; I'll only bore you with one example to prove I'm serious:

Forum guidelines: necessary

Ron Paul 2008 Campaign: one forum | sub forums | - (good MSM) - (bad MSM) -(communication with actual campaign ONLY.)

Ron Paul Grassroots: one forum - | sub forums | - (projects) - (campaigning) - (international) - (state/local)

(campaigning) - | sub forums | - ( canvassing/strategy ) - ( legal matters ) - (materials ) -

(projects) - | subs | - ( help wanted ) - ( help offers ) - ( specific projects ) - (materials)

Ron Paul Policy: one forum - | subs | - ( talking points/strategy) - ( issues group 1) - ( issue group 2) - ( *generally how forums are organized now, just under larger forum* )

Please note, this was just one quick idea. However, please try to imagine how much cleaner, simpler and faster to navigate these forums might be in this example. Just think google.

Finally, I did not use this example to debate it - I have no idea if it is nearly the best. It was just an example of a simplified "interface" for ronpaulforums.com .

All I really want to know is if anyone else agrees that the forums should be simplified ? Is this a good idea ? Do you find yourself having trouble navigating ? Do you fear it may turn new Ron Paul supporters away ? Or am I just being overzealous ?
Please let me know.

... and if we agree , is it even possible to change it ?