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12-22-2007, 09:41 AM
Are you fed up yet?

Are you tired of the Federal reserve system debasing your currency and driving down your standard of living? Have you had enough sticker shock every time you buy groceries or fuel? Are you tired of the boom/bust cycles?

Are you ready for honest money that preserves value? If you are fed up with the Fed, then join your fellow citizens at your nearest regional Federal Reserve Bank on (TBD) for FED UP DAY!

All across America, patriots are gathering at every regional fed bank to protest the private banking cartel that controls our economy. We're fed up with a system that only serves the interests of Wall Street and international banks. Congress may not have the backbone to confront the bankers, but the American people do! Join your fellow patriots on (TBD), and let the bankers of the Federal Reserve System know that you are FED UP with what they are doing to YOUR money!

So that's the basic idea. A coordinated one day nationwide protest at all the regional federal reserve banks. Basic idea would be to organize marches to each bank, and demonstrations with speeches, sign waving, etc.


Regional fed banks are all over the country in major cities. People can participate without having to travel great distances.

Nationwide mobilization of RP supporters for such an obscure subject as the Fed will create awareness of the nationwide appeal of RP.

Media will cover it. And their coverage will out of necessity expose people to arguments against the fed, and demonstrate that there are Americans opposed to the system

Demonstration will highlight a major element of RP platform and is a kind of back-door way to introduce voters to the candidate by way of an issue.

It's not another moneybomb.

12-22-2007, 10:07 AM
Media will cover it.

I love your idea and support it. But you should know that the media will totally NOT cover it. When 200,000 - 300,000 people protested the war in Iraq in Washington D.C. the Park Police scattered them all over then The Washington Post reported "tens of thousands"... This tactic had so far worked well for "The Consortium" to make people think that there really isn't that much interest in their cause. The Old Monopoly Media are evil. They are not "capitalist" but rather a cartel that can run at a perpetual loss if need be to keep dispensing elite propaganda.