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12-22-2007, 07:38 AM
Hi all, I registered just to post this. I've been watching the campaign closely since Nov. 5th and every day trying to think of truly killer ideas that could catapult the good doctor into the spotlight. I think I finally have one worthy of attention, so I took the plunge and signed up. Please consider what may at first seem an infeasible idea.

Now I know that Ron Paul does not seek out and would never pay for a celebrity endorsement, but it is a fact that there are certain famous personalities out there that could nearly clinch the election if they actively endorsed him. It's worthwhile first noting why such endorsements are so uncommon.

For most politicians the idea of an open endorsement from such a person is totally pie-in-the-sky (or needs to be paid for), because what celebrity in their right mind wants to throw their lot in with some slimeball politician and all that potential blowback as their dirty laundry is hung out in the press? And furthermore, what candidate has ever really been an inspiration, someone that could drive feverish support, someone that could make people feel they were doing something good for their country without a single reservation?

I think we all know their is something different about Ron Paul. He is a REAL revolutionary candidate. There is no dirty laundry. He doesn't pander, lobbyists don't even talk to him, he lives his words, and he NEVER compromises his principles. He doesn't have that ill, vaguely slimy feeling of a politician - of a John Kerry or a George Bush.

In short, the normal factors that would keep such an amazing endorsement from happening are mostly absent in Paul's case. And on the flipside, when someone becomes a supporter of this particular candidate, they are known to make major personal sacrifices and uprooting life changes just for the chance to contribute (Vijay, Lyman, etc.).

On that note, I've been brainstorming famous people who - through our powers combined - could possibly be moved to take a closer look at this revolution and maybe, just maybe persuaded to throw their weight behind it. I think the key is in carefully selecting the targets, researching their personal views and psychology to see what grabs them the most and what they would fight for, and writing mass tailored letters to them. Here is my list so far:

Bruce Springsteen - Seems a natural. A famously anti-war revolutionary, true patriot who loves singing the old patriotic songs of Woody Guthrie, loves to stand for something, for the common folk. But after becoming the world's richest entertainer he felt himself losing touch with the "working man" image portrayed in Born in the USA. You could feel this confusion and lossof direction in Tunnel of Love and beyond, up until his recent folk tunes hits. I think he wants something to stand for again, and although I suspect he may lean democrat, if he took a moment to reconsider the issues I could imagine him making a hit song about the revolution. Maybe he wouldn't mention RP directly, but it would still be huge. Springsteen fans are basically fans for life, so needless to say any kind of endorsement would have staggering effects.

Brian Tracy - Motivational success coach to millions. Long a proponent of small-government, decentralization, low taxes, and taking personal responsibility for one's life. This is Ron Paul through and through, as RP is ultimately about personal responsibility for one's own choices. His positivity, sincerity, and compassion-without-nannying are also a perfect match. By the way, listen to the full version of his classic program The Psychology of Achievement for probably the best success program ever published. I guarantee this will help you supoport Ron Paul better, too.

James Dobson - The ultimate lynchpin, with half a zillion people who will vote for whoever he says. Moreover, when you think about it, Paul is the natural for Dobson's endorsement. Dobson, being apparently quite a stand-up guy, must face tremendous inner conflict every election season. He feels the need to throw his weight behind the best Christian candidate with the best chance of winning so that he can make a big difference for the world, yet he must inwardly cringe at having to support such slimy lesser-of-two-evils candidates.

Ron Paul represents a chance for Dobson to clear his conscience, take a real stand for morality and integrity, and make himself look good at the same time. He will have to come to the realization that politician does not always have to mean taking the scuzz with the goodness, does not always have to mean compromise. The prostitutes thing might seem a minus, but it's really a plus - remember how Jesus interacted with prostitutes? Whatever inner compromises Dobson has had to make support slimeballs in the past must have messed with his viewpoint quite a bit, but with careful study of the man's psychology via his books, speeches, etc., I'm sure we can get through to him.

Howard Stern - Huge, dedicated radio listener base. Views seem mostly in line with Paul, from what little I know about him.

Big-name rappers, esp. black rappers - Obvious, and when you think about it, if they learned about Ron Paul they would have every reason to support him. The FCC, war of drugs, free speech zones, anti-dissent measures - the list of ills goes on.

Each of these are projects of their own, where a careful study of the motivations driving each person - available because they are so in the spotlight - would reveal the means of persuasion, and our numbers would ensure that the message eventually gets a look. All these people must get tons of fan mail, but not a concerted effort like we are capable of. Don't for a second doubt these big-name endorsements are possible - we are not dealing with your everyday politician here, nor your everyday supporters.

Freedom brings us together, and there is a Ron Paul supporter in everyone. Even the most hardened neo-con isn't immune to the contagious energy of the brushfires of freedom.

Thank you for your consideration.

12-22-2007, 07:40 AM
Paying for endorsements is unethical and not something RPWD!!!

Man from La Mancha
12-22-2007, 07:41 AM
All celebrities are chicken dung, they are more worried about their image than supporting Ron. Where are they???