View Full Version : N.Orleans RP meetup needs help to secure delegates

12-22-2007, 03:31 AM
A meetup member in New Orleans District 2 has set up a chipin link to help fund the 100$ registration fee for delegates and 50$ registration fee for alternates imposed by the Louisiana GOP. note: this is a DEPRESSED area that got hit by the brunt of Katrina. The region is very democratic, and we know how well RP does in areas that have avid RP supporters and little competition otherwise.

(PDF) Here is the link to see the actual application (http://lagop.com/docs/application_stateConventionDelegate.pdf), notice the 'fee' about midway through page 1.

HERE IS THE CHIPIN LINK (http://la2.chipin.com/district-2-ron-paul-delegates-fees) as posted by the meetup group in need.

as of now it would appear that of the 15 delegates available in the district, they have 8 who can afford to pay the fee.

This request comes form an outreach posting on dailypaul, you can find the original link here
(http://www.dailypaul.com/node/16258) to read up on the details, the poster has more insight on the subject matter than i do, im simply hoping to expose this so that they can get the support they need for DELEGATES asap, since we know that is what the battle for nomination comes down to, not money bombs.

I figure if people who felt sympathetic could pitch in a 5 or a 10, they could easily reach their goal before tomorrow which would relieve a lot of stress for them apparently.