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12-21-2007, 09:22 PM
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Hello fellow Ron Paul Revolutionaries,

By far the MOST important authorized video that Dr. Paul needs is one that explains his 'Just War' philosophy - for the specific purpose of showing that he can be tough specifically against Osama bin Laden (who is still alive after TRILLIONS wasted on the wars and thousands of American soldiers maimed or killed) hopefully in the same way that the 'authorities' hunted down the killers at the Olympics - one by one, ruthlessly.

The most important goal of this ad is to steal votes from Guiliani, and to convert them into votes for Dr. Paul - ultimately winning for him the Republican nomination. This ad is absolutely essential towards achieving that goal.

Storyboard suggestion: A man (Matt Damon) comes into focus. He says: "I am voting for Ron Paul. I completely agree with his "Just War" philosophy. Dr. Paul firmly believes that we should go after the individuals who attacked us on 9/11 - but not have to invade and occupy other countries in doing so. Some of you may know me as Jason (Bourne). There are many other Americans such as I (a crowd of Americans of different ethnicities appear behind him - each wearing dark sunglasses [a good Oakley product placement] and not smiling) - we totally agree with Dr. Paul that there is a better way of dealing with terrorists. (Matt sits down, hands out of view checking firearms - sounds clicking in the background, talking continuously. Camera focuses on Matt's face) Make no mistake about it - Dr. Paul can be as tough as I am on terrorists. Dr. Paul advocates a CONSTITUTIONAL WAY of defending America. Vote for your freedom! Vote for Ron Paul!

Dr. Paul then appears (not smiling much) and says that he approved the message.

Matt Damon is strongly against the Iraq war. If you search YouTube you will even see him stating that Bush's of-age offspring should also be shipped off to Iraq. Some other actor may suffice if he is not 'available'.

I hope this idea resonates with you all because it will certainly be pivotal for Dr. Paul in winning the Republican nomination. We have to dispel the common notion that Dr. Paul is a sweet, totally non-aggressive pacifist - he does look and sound like it honestly. There is a saying 'when the going gets tough...' Can the public count on Dr. Paul to defend them against aggressors? We have to answer those doubts.

Thank you, and Merry Christmas to all.


12-27-2007, 11:14 AM
Not sure if you can get the big-name celebs to support RP.

Often a debate over Just War can become so extended and convoluted that you lose the target audience.

I'm thinking you need a briefer and more pointed way to make that point and have it hit home. If 25% of the GOP vote in this primary cycle are essentially antiwar, then we need to signal that strongly but still maintain RP's appeal on his much broader agenda.

Admittedly, issues of ad strategy are complex. There are a number of varieties of antiwar opposition. You have to be careful how you appeal to them in key states like IA/NH.

12-27-2007, 01:04 PM
I agree with you completely.

The ad need not be cast with big name actors. Perhaps the seal of the Intelligence building lobby floor would suffice as a backdrop.

The root of the difficulty is the sound bite used by the MSM against Dr. Paul: 'Will you get rid of the CIA?'. Unfortunately the only possible answer Dr. Paul can give is a seemingly unequivocal 'yes'.

Sun Tzu in his "Art of War" is absolutely correct in saying that spies are the most important aspect of defending a country. That any expense on spies is far better than getting the entire country into war.

I guess the 'briefer and more pointed way' as you suggested would have to come from Dr. Paul himself saying:

'I shall prohibit (as best as I can) the CIA from meddling in other countries' political processes. But, as President, I shall refocus the CIA towards hunting down our attackers on 9/11 - who are still very much alive despite trillions of dollars spent on the wars and thousands of Americans killed or maimed. Since we were attacked on 9/11, as President it will be my solemn duty to bring these terrorists to justice as provided and required by our Constitution."

(Dr. Paul may even mention Michael Scheuer - the former CIA Bin Laden unit head and Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame-Wilson as a possible hires - endorsements from these people would be exceedingly helpful to Dr. Paul).

Straight talk? Or pandering to sensibilities of voters in IA and NH? I think Dr. Paul prefers straight talk anyday. Fear of being unpopular has never been a concern to him - as you know he just speaks the truth. We should emulate Dr. Paul as best we can, and brush of our personal fears aside.

In the light of the Bhutto assasination (shot at close range by professional killers before bombs were detonated), it would be a mistake for us to think that everyone within the Intelligence arm clearly understands Dr. Paul's intent with regard to their agency. Although Dr. Paul has stated repeatedly that "there is a need for intelligence gathering", this sound bite is not enough to keep him out of danger.

Thank you for your insight. Hopefully the rest shall see that there remails a vital message that is being leveraged by Guiliani - something that we can take away from that former mayor and use to our advantage. Thank you!

12-28-2007, 11:04 PM

A NEW HOPE VIDEO > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG2PUZoukfA