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12-20-2007, 06:55 PM
I want to bring a group of Ron Paul supporters together to work on a project with me. This project is called the Ron Paul Contingency. This project will spread out over as many of the 50 states as we can cover. The point of the project is to get all meet up groups to start Signature collections from the Ron Paul supporters that are local to them.

The signatures needed for each state may differ so we will need to research the requirements of listing a Presidential candidate on a state ballot.

Why do we need to collect signatures? If the neocon establishment decides to refuse Ron Paul the nomination, that doesn't end our support. Ron Paul has already said that he will not be running as an independent. If we are able to collect the signatures needed for each state and present them to the state election boards we can have Ron Paul's name added to the ballot. From there we can still vote for him and have a chance to protect our freedoms and liberty.

Of course we all hope to do what we can to insure the nomination, But we need a Contingency plan.

If you are interested in beginning the collection or unification of meet up groups in order to collect signatures let me know. I am but one man and would need a lot of help with this. I also suggest contacting your local state third parties. Some third parties have decided to pledge their support to Ron Paul. They may be able to help us with signature collections from their party.

Ideas, comments, support, or anything you can give to this project is welcomed and accepted.