View Full Version : How Much Better We'd Be Doing If Polls Were Honest & How to Negate Them NOW!

12-20-2007, 02:09 PM
We all know...

#1 - Most voters will not waste their vote on any candidate they are convinced could not win the primaries and/or could not beat the opposing parties candidate. Yes, some few do and will vote their conscious regardless, but reality is, overwhelmingly most don't.

#2 - The polls the media pushes are how the voters get the candidates supposed rankings of popularity and ultimate electability.

#3 - These polls are flawed and often grossly, if not criminally, so, but most voters do not know how badly they are being deceived in relying upon them.

#4 - If the voters knew what we know about these polls they would begin to discount and ignore them in ranking the popularity and electabilty of candidates.

#5 - If the voters knew how truly high Ron Paul would be ranked if the polls were accurate, a great many more then would both take a closer look at his message and many more then would also vote for him, perhaps twice or more as many!

#6 - Going into Iowa and NH primaries, no single event could more dramatically impact to the upside Ron Paul's % of the vote than our accomplishing #4 & #5 above.

Therefore, if this is not already a project being aggressively addressed elsewhere, I'm proposing we make it the highest priority to develop the following to do so immediately now to impact the Iowa and NH primaries:

Whether it is delivered to the voters in Iowa & NH via inserts or full page ads in newspapers, TV, radio, direct mail, handouts, email, etc., it will need a very bold title to cut throw all the clutter and voter burnout, something along the lines of:


The body of text, following the title above, would cover these four main points:

#1 - Short list of past examples of those low in early primary polls later winning.

#2 - Why polls often get it so wrong; sampling size, cell phones, new voters, independents, candidates left off, etc.

#3 - Example of this disconnect specifically regarding Ron Paul between polls and reality; RP straw polls, underreported historic record-breaking fundraising and meet-up groups showing immense grassroots support, left out of polls, etc.

#4 - Invite them to check out RP to see his positions for themselves that are so much more popular than polls may have led them to think, now that they have been shown both that polls are faulty, often fail to predict winners, and that RP is truly a very popular, viable, and electable candidate.

I'm convinced that many voters, once they discover that Ron Paul truly has great support and momentum, regardless of what polls say, will both then take a closer look at his positions to see why, and that many of them will then embrace and support him when they do. And, amongst those who already liked much of what they've heard about him, but had written him off as being unelectable, will reconsider.

Destroying the credibility of relying upon the polls is the key, even more so than sponsoring our own poll which likely would not get much press and be lost amongst all the others anyways.

We've all worked very hard to raise money and visibility and recruit support for Ron Paul and his message and there is tremendous momentum and IF the polls were accurate they would reflect that, but they are not and thus fewer see RP as a viable and electable candidate and look no further and will not consider him for their vote.

This project above is the single most important and essential strategy that will substantially raise the % of votes that Ron Paul will receive in Iowa and NH.

After those primaries, the actual vote count will erode the public's faith and reliance on polls, but until then voters will continue to rely upon them and vote only for the top contenders according to the polls, IF we fail to take this issue on and make this project our top priority for the next two weeks!

Make sense?

- Shane

12-22-2007, 06:18 PM
New thread and finalized ad here...

I'm ready to fund running this ad in newspapers but first need help from RP supporters in Iowa & NH as to which papers we need to focus in on.

Please let Iowa and NH supporters know about this.

- Shane