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12-20-2007, 10:24 AM
Devvy has a great point--recounts must be demanded by the official campaign. We've all invested too much to let fraudsters pull one over on us.


Those of us who support Ron Paul have given his campaign more than enough funds to conduct these audits and I will be sadly disappointed if it doesn't happen. How do you do this? The bigger the precinct, the easier it is to pull off vote fraud with machines as I discussed in my Blind Loyalty booklet. The day after the primary, Dr. Paul's campaign needs to immediately file for a hand count in a half dozen precincts in the big cities and a small number of precincts in areas where he was showing strong support but allegedly lost.

Let me give you an example: In Modesto, California, several elections ago, a local measure, M, was supposed to pass. It was popular and it didn't. A hand recount was done, televised on our local news. What it showed after the first 500 cards were fed into the machine was sysematic flopping of the vote count. The process was stopped, all the cards were hand counted and the measure actually passed. It doesn't matter what "paper trail" is coming out of the machine because they are programmed internally. Only the programmers know the code and you and I, according to the courts, have no right to this proprietary information even though we pay for every phase of elections in this country.

Ron Paul's campaign needs to get set up over the next couple of weeks with the paper work that has to be filed in Iowa and New Hampshire. I know NH used to be 100% hand counted ballots, but research I just did shows the voters there will be robbed like all the other states. A candidate has to catch the fraud immediately and file an injunction to stop certification of the vote, otherwise, it stands. Let me repeat that: You have to catch the fraud when its fresh or the vote will stand.

I sincerely hope Ron Paul doesn't do the same thing Bob Dornan did when he allegedly lost his race to Loretta Sanchez. Dornan made a few whimpers, did a little scratching on the surface and then walked away. I say no more. Your supporters aren't just giving so generously from their wallets, but also their time and hope. No more, gee the media calls the outcome of the vote five minutes after the polls close and you walk away and onto to the next state. Choose those precincts at random, get the hand count done and then let's see the true results. Of course, we're still stuck with tainted voting rolls as I have written about before and this means massive numbers of illegals voting.

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We really need to work hard to gaurd against the election being stolen.

I think this is a good website: www.thetruth247.com

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Devvy has a point. Election fraud is a REAL issue. Haven't the last 2 elections been kind of sketchy?

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Nice find. Devvy Kidd has done some nice work over the years.