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12-19-2007, 11:55 PM
I know a few other threads have been posted on ideas of what to talk about to Iowa voters, an I posted this link elsewhere, but I think it is an invaluable resource.

The link to the Iowa GOP Platform is http://www.iowagop.net/inner.asp?z=11, but here are a few items which are in-line with Dr. Paul's message. (The list below is very long, but not nearly as long as the one on the link.)

Remember, long-time Republicans, especially in the midwest, are likely to be true conservatives and agree with many of Ron Paul's stances on the issues, if they were only clear about what they are.

Compare the platform link to the issues listed on Ron Paul's official campaign website (especially taxes and education) and you'll see that Iowans want, Iowans NEED Dr. Ron Paul for president! (The stars are my own.)


We urge the legislature to formulate and develop long-range agricultural policies to foster new and expanded domestic and international markets through the use of the private market system and *not the World Trade Organization.* :D

We support farm programs that allow individual farmers to raise a crop and sell it at a sufficient profit to eliminate the need for government subsidies.

We believe the market place, not the government, should set the minimum wage.


We believe parents, not the government, are responsible for and fully in charge of the education of their children.

We support the *abolition of the Federal Department of Education*, and the removal of this position from the Cabinet. In addition, we call for the downsizing of the Iowa Department of Education. We believe that the control of education should be left to the parents, teachers, and local school boards.:D

We believe the displaying of the Ten Commandments, the American Flag and the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance should be allowed (in schools).


We call for an overhaul of the current Federal system regulating the sighting and building of new power plants. **I was unsure for a long time about Dr. Paul's stance on domestic energy policies, until I heard him make this exact argument in his interview with Glenn Beck**


We believe our government was designed to perform *only certain limited functions*. Beyond these functions it begins a reversal of the proper role of government as the servant, not the master of the people.:D

We strongly believe in the Second Amendment, which guarantees us the right to keep and bear arms without government intervention.:D


We support tax-free Health Savings Accounts that allow for personal control of medical care and saving for retirement at the same time.

We are opposed in principle to Universal and/or Nationalized Health Care, believing that common sense and the market place can do what government can not: bring customers, health care providers and health care professionals together in a mutually beneficial union.:D


We believe that current immigration laws should be *enforced* and strengthened.

We oppose all forms of amnesty for illegal aliens in this country. We call for the government to devote increased resources to seal the borders against illegal goods and people entering the U.S.


We oppose any further financial obligations being placed upon the United States by the United Nations. American participation in the United Nations, or any other international body, *must never sacrifice the constitutional sovereignty of the United States.*:D


We support the *repeal of the 16th amendment*, the *elimination of the IRS* and replacing all federal income taxes with a national consumption tax.:D


We resolve to work to elect Republican candidates who support the party platform.

THINGS TO AVOID (according to the platform):

Withdrawing U.S. support of Israel:mad:
NOT creating a "one man/one woman" marriage amendment to the constitution (the platform says they support it; Dr. Paul feels it is not neccesary):mad:

That's pretty much it. The platform itself is very long, so I tried to pick out things that Ron Paul is particularly in line with. Not all voters will agree with all of these things, but it may help if you meet a long-time, conservative republican while you're campaiging in Iowa.