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also here

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also here

That group sure could have handled that mis-informed lady better at the end. A missed opprotunity to educate instead of ridicle.

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thought this was another video but its from several weeks ago

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also here

The guy in the green shirt with a bald head and black sunglasses looks like Steve Austin.

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and here wow this is great


wrong video

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That last guy laughing at the neo-con lady is a good example of what we dont need to do. I myself would be tempted to laugh at her. I understand the frustration, but if you reason with someone like that, maybe when it clicks in their heads they might change their way of thinking. Now theres not even a 1% chance that lady will vote for Ron Paul because she felt like she was laughed at and she will remember it.

Just a thought.

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also here

oops, I quoted the wrong thread. It was supposed to be this one.:D

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I'm glad the very last guy (in the black shirt) called out the guy who was making fun of the lady.

Man from La Mancha
07-07-2007, 11:39 PM
Thanks for posting the videos I just got a fix. Isn't it great that we can criticize the tactics we use to bring in possible Paul supporters. We're improving as we go and nothing but nothing will stop the cause of freedom.


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Its unfortunate that immature guy had to be there. If he was a man he would of gone to go apologize to the lady.

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We do not need to be ridiculing anyone's beliefs. That is not helpful to the campaign or Dr. Paul's cause. What would be more helpful is to demonstrate to people how voting for Paul is in their best interest, because that will be true for 99% of the population. The "Neocon" leaning public has been neoconned, and they just don't know any better. If you ridicule them, you alienate them from Paul's message and they will avoid it in the future based on the bad experience.

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I feel bad for the lady because I've been there... only I was arguing against the Iraq war and it was months before it started. I hope he apologized to her. It's a touchy subject and tempers sometimes get out of control.

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Yea I can echo the sentiments on more prudence when talking w/ neocons.

If you dont understand then such type of confrontation only makes you dig in your heals.

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Ron Paul Wins Big
Ron Paul Wins Big in First New Hampshire Straw Poll

Thanks for the video!

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I just want to echo what I see others are already doing. Us Dr.Paul/Constitution supporters are representatives of this freedom movement. When we speak to others about Dr.Paul, we represent him in a way. No matter how much we disagree with other's points of view, we must be respectful. Minds are not changed by belittlement. I mostly spend time on YouTube in support of Dr.Paul, and I have noticed that we supporters ( mostly)don't call names. There's a good reason for that: We are right. But arguing and name calling will quickly make us wrong. Please show respect at every turn, after all, they are Americans too.