View Full Version : Reaching homeschoolers for Ron Paul

12-19-2007, 07:44 AM
You all may know that the Home School Legal Defense Association endorsed Mike Huckabee, and as a result most homeschoolers are currently supporting him. There is a huge opportunity here for us to educate homeschoolers about what Mike is really all about.

This morning LewRockwell.com published my lengthy article detailing exactly why Huckabee should not be supported.

You can read the article here:


Homeschool support groups exist all over the country, and each group has a leader or coordinator. I propose we email each one of them a thoughtfully worded email, giving them a link to the article above. If we can each change one leader's mind about Huckabee, we can do a lot to promote Ron Paul, especially in the early primary/caucus states!

You can get contact information for the various states here:


South Carolina:

New Hampshire:

Also at those links above, click on any other state in the left hand column to find more.

Please email homeschoolers, and consider calling them as well. We have only a few weeks left before the primaries, and I think we can make a big difference if we reach the homeschoolers in time.