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The Only Strategy That Will Give Ron Paul a Chance
by Joseph D. Lanzendorfer

We have about six months left to promote Ron Paul, or else this whole campaign is over. We do not have until the general election, because if Ron Paul does not make it through the primaries, then we are finished. We do not have until the primaries to get the ball rolling—we have until the primaries to convince everyone voting in the Republican primaries to vote for Ron Paul. Furthermore, we should not save any of our energy for after the primaries, because once Ron Paul is one of two candidates, it will be impossible for the media to ignore him. We need a strategy that will win Ron Paul the primaries, and we need everyone united behind it. We have the support; we just need to unite our efforts.

When it comes to any marketing strategy, you have a target audience. The problem with our strategy thus far is we have no target, or rather, our target has been everyone on the internet who can vote in the primaries. There are three problems with this strategy. 1) It is too broad. 2) Not everyone who CAN vote in the Republican primaries, DOES vote in the Republican primaries. 3) Not everyone is on the internet. I am not saying we should not promote him on the internet. It has led to some good publicity.

Most people do not even know who Ron Paul is. With six months time, it would be virtually impossible to even make Ron Paul a household name, let alone convince most Americans to register as Republican and go out and vote for Ron Paul in the primaries. Most Americans do not even vote, let alone vote in the primaries. So our target audience is obvious:

That is where my strategy comes in. Operation: Republican Caucus Storm. Finding people who already plan to vote in the upcoming Republican primaries is easy. They are the most active members of the Republican Party. All you have to do is go to the Republican website for your state, and figure out where all of these people meet up. Figure out what you need to do to vote for Paul in the primaries, and get involved with your state’s Republican Party. For most states, this just means registering to vote as a Republican. Some states have different requirements or hold open primaries.

Use the website to find out where they are holding Republican caucus meetings and conventions. Go to all of these meetings and conventions and persuade as many people there as possible that Ron Paul is the man they need to get behind. The people who actually go to these meetings and conventions are the people who will be voting in the primaries. While other methods of promoting Ron Paul are great, if we cannot convince these people to vote for Paul, we have already lost. Most of the Republican primary votes come from them. It is for this reason that this is more than just a strategy—it is practically a requirement. It is for this reason that every single Ron Paul supporter should see this as a diplomatic mission that they are obligated to accomplish. These are the people who count and these are the people who are going to convince other people. We have the numbers we need to make this a reality. If everyone leaps into action and gets involved with the Republicans on a local level, we will be an unstoppable force.

Here is a list of all fifty states and their appropriate GOP website. Let’s move!

Alabama http://www.algop.org/
Alaska http://www.alaskarepublicans.com/
Arizona http://www.azgop.org/
Arkansas http://www.arkansasgop.org/
California http://www.cagop.org/
Colorado http://www.cologop.org/
Connecticut http://www.ctgop.org/
Delaware http://www.delawaregop.com/
Florida http://www.rpof.org/
Georgia http://www.gagop.org/
Hawaii http://www.gophawaii.com/
Idaho http://www.idgop.org/
Illinois http://www.ilgop.org/
Indiana http://www.indgop.org/
Iowa http://www.iowagop.org/
Kansas http://www.ksgop.org/
Kentucky http://www.rpk.org/
Louisiana http://www.lagop.com/index2.php
Maine http://www.mainegop.com/
Maryland http://www.mdgop.org/
Massachusetts http://www.massgop.com/
Michigan http://www.migop.org/default.asp
Minnesota http://www.gop-mn.org/
Mississippi http://www.msgop.org/
Missouri http://www.mogop.org/wp/
Montana http://www.mtgop.org/
Nebraska http://www.negop.org/
Nevada http://www.nevadagop.org/
New Hamshire http://www.nhgop.org/
New Jersey http://www.njgop.org/
New Mexico http://www.gopnm.org/
New York http://www.nygop.org/
North Carolina http://www.ncgop.org/home/index.asp
North Dakota http://www.ndgop.com/
Ohio http://www.ohiogop.org/
Oklahoma http://www.okgop.com/
Oregon http://www.orgop.org/
Pennsylvania http://www.pagop.org/
Rhode Island http://www.rigop.org/
South Carolina http://www.scgop.com/
South Dakota http://www.southdakotagop.com/
Tennessee http://www.tngop.org/
Texas http://www.texasgop.org/site/PageServer
Utah http://home.utgop.org/page.php
Vermont http://www.vtgop.org/
Virginia http://www.rpv.org/
Washington http://www.wsrp.org/
West Virginia http://www.wvgop.org/
Wisconsin http://www.wisgop.org/Home.aspx
Wyoming http://www.wygop.org/

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