View Full Version : Telethon Telethon Telethon Telethon!! Tv Time MONEY DAY!!

12-18-2007, 03:00 PM
After the early primary states, what do you think about raising the funds to setup a telethon on a sunday on a major broadcast channel, If the christian programs can air nationwide, i know we can raise the funds to setup a TELETHON!!!

We can have the official ticker on the program, and we can have the donation hotline be the official Ron Paul number 1-877-RON-PAUL

We can Televise Pro Ron Paul segments while we raise money!!!!

Think about it everyone, tuning into a TV to watch the ticker soar, while Americans across the country wonder what is going on!! and share the excitement!!

Maybe we can get Tucker Carlson, or a Celeb endorsement to Host the Program!!

And we can air it right here in Los Angeles California, to hype it for super tuesday.. To enormous and energetic crowds..

We can run pieces on Dr. Pauls life it would be a super success!



We could have our endorsements answer the phone too.


12-18-2007, 05:09 PM
Lol, Reba, the Rock, Tom Cruise, and Stallone. Hilarious.