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12-18-2007, 02:50 PM
In another thread I posted the general idea and why Cali is ALL important in the race to win the primary. True independents from all walks of life reside in Cali.

I dont have the software and the time it really deserves to make this video, but I wrote a rough audio/image script skeleton that would give a would-be video producer a framework and more insight to the kind of imagery, symbolism, and message I see in a video like this.

Feel free to create your own art/political speech from any of this.

Anything to energize our Ron Paul supporters in California. Win the Revolution, dont just fight it. :cool:

Video: California Love-Registration Bomb

Goal: Build Cali momentum, group cconsciousness, self actualized awareness of Cali Independents and then get them to run a voter registration bomb between now and the Jan. 22 deadline to register to vote in the Republican primary. Individual meetups come out in mass in registrations and then vote carpooling and overwhelm EACH small district and grab its three votes. From the villages and communities come the voice of the independent. California’s new voting rules give them that voice.

Overall message: Personal Liberty is why California is what it is and what it always has been…The Promise of “the West”, from the Goldmine pioneers, 1960s “Hippie” Social consciousness pioneers, to Hi-Tech pioneers. If ANYONE is going to lead the country to a love revolution of personal liberty and privacy… it SHOULD be Cali. Dr. Paul is the only one that really means it… and people like that don’t come around too often. Get it done this election or not at all. Cali needs to give Ron Paul love and join the Revolution.
Platform/Message : Anti-War, Anti-Patriot Act, Pro Privacy, Pro Property rights including your INCOME, Anti-income taxes on individuals (corps still pay taxes), Pro-Medical Marijuana (leave it to states to decide-isnt federalism great!).

Rough Audio-Visual Script Tracking

Lyrics (in bold)- Image Used

First intro Californiaaaa- Beach and sun with person with RP sign and zoom into Ron Paul sign
kind of psychedelically.

Music Intro- list of ron Paul Issues. Stress individual
iberties and anti-war, and anti-tax. His
consistency of record that NO ONE else has.

1st California knows how to party – Pictures of famous Cali sites. LA, Bay Bridge, Hollywood
sign, SD Base, Norther Cali Ranch country, Beach and Sun. Famous
Cali “brands”. Let’s face it. Awesome stuff comes from California.

In the City… More Cali scenes, College campus pics, meetup groups?

Welcome everybody to the wild Wild West- Cali Flag. Or Flag and Map.

City of Sex- Baywatch pic haha! Marilyn Monroe also? others?

Bum ass Hippies- Real pics of Haight and Ashubry cool Hippies, peace signs. Stop the Vietnam War. Lovelution.

And Pimps be looking for greens- Google and other tech owners and engineer pics. Slick silicon valley structures. Give it up to these guys. The edge of libertarian efficiency and success…and rightly love Ron Paul. Pimps. All of em. ;-) Urge them to "Register Bomb".

Lean money making machine- Pics of Ron Paul’s site, news images of cash on hand and money
bomb results. Hadline of Campaign running lean due to high

10 years makin rap tunes- Screenshot with 10 term congressman in headline. Pic of he and Reagan in the 60s? Maybe a pic of
him giving Federal reserve chairman hell in congress? .

Its all good if you’re city makin’ bank- Google map of state, (or the meeetup group map zoomed in on a full view of Cali groups. Placed side by side with money bomb graph growing.

Text- Time to move the money bomb closer to reality with a voter registration bomb.

Out up a finger if you feel the same way- A lot of people yelling with Many Large Ron Paul signs!

2nd California knows how to party- pictures of previous revolutions in California that led the nation to freedom and prospoerity including gold rush, Hollywood, the 60s, to images of mudane but still coolsurfing,sateboarding, Apple, google, Ronald Reagan old movie clip. (bedtime for bonzo? Icecream incident?)

Shake it , shake it baby-- Pictures of ACTUAL California online supporters from facebook, youtube members, Myspace, All of diverse Cali continuents. Let them know the rest of the country is DEPENDING on them. Lead the charge Cali. 

Towards the very until next image- One or two headlines showing Paul as “”longshot”, pics demonstrating media bias. We all know the old media is trying to marginalize him, we need to show this to set up the next shot. Even after all the media bias, BOTH money bombs dropped jaws. The Revolution still lives and is growing.

Out on bail, out of jail- screen shots showing the first 2 moneys bombs dropping in millions in just a few hours. A sped up real time shot of Pauls official donation tally? both and/or headline Paul to get 20 million in 4th Quarter” Ron Paul smiling getting out of car to a speech. Supporters around him. various people clapping.

Hoochie’s screamin’- pic of lady Paul supporter who is around his age! haha! Then maybe a zoom out pic of a “hottie” at a speech.

Where we riot not rally- pc of our group with a lot of RP people and another group that is REALLY small and looks bored or in shock of RP group (rudy? Romney?)Probably a pic from a Cali straw poll where RP won. (that meetup group might have one?)

We collide with other groups- Ron Paul has a reading list for Guiliani. Headline of his challenge
and why he was the true anti-war advocate and that blow back is real.

Maybe cause we program worldwide- Pics of meetup groups in other countries duting the money bomb. Any international online group stuff. Its out there. Newsheadlines from international papers. Map of his meet up groups is awesome. http://ronpaul.meetup.com/about/

Bow down to no man- Paul standing in front of the Bill of Rights.

From the bay area and back down. Cali is where they put that mack down.- RP rally groups from those cities.

“bring me love” – Ron Paul Revolution/Lovelution Sign and loval Cali group.

California knows how to party- Text of stances from his website.

Anyway, if anything I hope it encourages everyone to focus on Registration Bombs in general and California specifically.

Be Free.