View Full Version : Attack the MSM with an American message!

12-18-2007, 01:47 PM
There is a calculated and concerted effort to exclude Ron Paul. It is obvious and flagrant.
I'm not giving the MSM a free pass. They have not been doing their job which is to report the news. They spend 80% of their time "predicting" the news and, usually, predicting it incorrectly. When the weatherman is wrong he at least doesn't influence the weather. When the MSM makes these outrageous political predictions they are influencing the way people vote. It is disgusting and needs to stop.

We and the campaign should, at every opportunity, say very clearly to the MSM:
"You are not doing your job! Your job is to report the news; not to make predictions or to report polling. When you make predictions and post polls you are influencing voters. Your job is not to influence voters but to report the news!"

From this point on Ron Paul should say roughly that every time a poll is cited. Rather than try to say why the polls indicate good or bad things he should turn the entire issue around on them.

I even think it might be good to run an ad where he says the following:

"I am running for president so that I can serve the American people. I will not serve the mainstream media. I will not serve the special interests. I will not serve the entrenched political establishment. I will serve you.

Don't let some pollster or some talking head on the television tell you how to cast your vote. Our forefathers did not die for their right to dictate who the president will be. They died for your right to vote. Don't ever let anyone take that right from you.

I propose we all toy around with the exact wording and get a good version of the above concept to someone at the campaign ASAP.

It's either take on the media or be taken advantage of by the media.

I say attack! The reason we can attack is because we are right. The media will be forced to either acknowledge that we are right and begin to give us fair coverage or to retaliate. If they retaliate against what I see as a very pro-American concept there will be a huge backlash from the American people.

What do you guys think?