View Full Version : Personal Writing: March on Grand Central

12-18-2007, 08:41 AM
This is just something I spontaneously wrote after watching the following video and reading some news articles about it. It was quite inspiring and truly made me believe in this campaign:

March on Grand Central Station

The roars of the growing crowd have taken the street under siege. Picket signs and banners sprawl across the sidewalk over the chanting gatherers. The like-minded People line the block, their chants rattling the air and the shaking the grounds of the establishment. The expressions on each one of their souls' faces decidely are those of a revolution. In unison, many have voiced their opinions. Emotions soaring, the People have spoke their minds.

A shape from the window ignites an explosion of applause. Could there ever be such a thing to do this to people? What world has brought upon the need for such a rally? Chants now get louder after a mysterious signal. What is beyond the glaring windows? What have they spotted?

While the world watches elsewhere, these citizens have found a cause. The effects could be on historic levels, but what side of history they'll make can not yet be proven. Enthusiasm has had its share of tricks. Hitler, Stalin, Hussein and Bin Laden, to name a few from the modern era, lied their ways into power. This scene, though, without a doubt means much more than simple, power hungry propaganda. The message is fierce, but unbelievably welcoming as well. Who knows where this will go. All I do know of is the intense aura permeating through this small section of the much larger world that very well may also feel the same way about these issues.

People with hope have found something bigger than their wildest dreams. Truth and liberty rolled into the size of a simple human being. A sense of valor with a big whiff of honor and pride captures these people. Forgetting the chants, dropping the signs, and tearing away the banners will no longer do the job. The message has been found in the People of the nation and they won't take it anymore. Lies can only get you so far when so many have suffered from the larger injustices that have been forced upon them.

Finally, the shape has removed himself from the view. Some wonder where it has gone, but many are already fully prepared. Quick messages buzz through the crowd before it goes up in a mushroom cloud as the shape arrives on the scene amongst the gatherers. The chants get louder, more distinct, yet more disorganized by the pure emotion rushing throughout the People. Autographs and hand shakes begin to spring toward the shape as he leads the crowd on a spontaneous march.

Taking a step back, one must wonder what this all means. Is this actually even happening? In the midst of a flourishing development, where has this come from? Before witnessing the sight, could anyone have imagined such a "riot" about a consistently ignored matter? Why has this seemed to have reached a level of enthusiasm nearing March on Washington and Martin Luther King's "I had a dream..." speech, yet on such a small scale. Obviously, some bias may be had in my mind due to its correlation to my times and how it directly has influence on me, but it is something my eyes never imagined being able to see.

The march continues with only a few quick stops. There was not even enough room or reason to stop. The march is not elaborate in the least, nor will it cross some tremendous amount of city streets. But certainly, the energy for such a trip is there and this crowd would be up for it. Our shape leads the group to arguably the most well-known transportation sites in the world, Grand Central Terminal. I couldn't help but be reminded of the Revolutionary War or even the revolutionary 60's as everyone headed in.

In majestic fashion, the crowd poured into New York City's railroad epicenter. As everyone entered, high up above the rally stood the shape in a monumental position with his closest partner at his side. The scene is more than I can handle. This man who seemingly showed up from nowhere now towers over the anxious People, all waiting for a message. They are not disappointed.

As the shape rises over these emotionally and politically charged People, the reminder of Dr. King's prominent dream was definite, yet still not enough to encompass the even bigger campaign for EVERYONE. The shape speaks of life and liberty. Empowering words of freedom and true patriotism ring off the stairway and into the crowd. With every sentence, the crowd gives the greatest feedback, screaming for the rights to have back what should have always been rightfully there's....The United States of America.

Although the address was very short, simple, and to the point, the meaning was greater than any excessive speech could express. It is something I would have loved to be part of. Luckily, our remaining freedoms to communicate have given us the internet and we can all see what only a select few could witness and experience before us. It is wonderful to realize what we can now do and it makes me extremely proud to see our nation rising back up to our feet and recognizing that no power hungry politician or bureaucrat will save us. Only true, honest American with the aid of the PEOPLE can get us out of our troubles and bring back the real American dream. That mysterious shape behind the glare is surely A NEW HOPE FOR AMERICA!