View Full Version : Register for Ron Final Month push

12-18-2007, 07:25 AM
I was thinking that if we do a website for voter registration it should look something like a fifty state map darkened out and as new people got registered to vote for Ron the map would gradually change colors from white cold to blue to green yellow and then red hot with various shades in between depending on voters registered per million like at RonPaulgraphs . Another idea is to have each state be clickable and then blows up big on the screen with a widget that flashed the last ten newly registered voters as well as the total newly registered voters. You could click the state to find more information about you local meetups for that state and links to the groups as well as organizer e-mails.

Push to get people to register as soon as possible and update with news flashes of upcoming registration deadlines. Have a registration drive the week of jan2-5 and coordinate with the meetup groups for an event on the fifth of January that could include a charity drive as well as voter registration and sign bombs. RegisterforRon.com and org and Ronpaulblitz.com and .org are a couple of name suggestions The fist site dedicated to voter registration and the second dedicated to coordinated grassroots events sush as sign bombs and charuty drives and canvassing.

I don't think one person can do all of this themselves so somehow we have to make it a community effort as far as forming a committee or getting trusted people to work on this. Is it possible to have a few webmasters for one site? The community could submit grassroot updates and a few moderators could decide what gets put in ala wikipedia?

I'm willing to coordinate liase with meetups for the state of Missouri.