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07-06-2007, 08:57 PM
As a Ron Paul admirer from afar for quite awhile, I put together a flyer explaining just who else might be interested in this fine politician's campaign. It's a little tight, but I think it's a good read. Hopefully it will help to dispel the myths that Paul doesn't have broad enough 'appeal'. The list of reasons for why different people could, would, or should vote for him is l o n g, and it keeps growing every day.

Just Who Is (For) Ron Paul?

Over the months of grassroots, Internet fervor, many people have wondered, "Who is this guy?" and "Who's for him?" Hopefully this will help answer those questions...

Ron Paul is a doctor, a statesman, an economist, and a father: He served in the U.S. Air Force as a flight surgeon, delivered 4,000 babies as a private-practicing OBGYN, and served 10 terms in Congress in the House of Representatives. He is a father to his 5 children and a husband to his wife, Carol, with whom he lives on the Gulf Coast of Texas.

Ron Paul is the most ideologically consistent, fiscally responsible, constitutionally-minded politician in Washington: In his 20 years as a Texas congressman he never once voted to raise taxes. He voted against the Iraq war, against the Patriot act, against violations of habeas corpus, and repeatedly against unbalanced budgets. Not only does he vote his conscience, he lives it: Paul never accepted Medicare from his patients in private practice; he turned down the generous Congressional pension; and he has repeatedly returned a portion of his yearly congressional budget to Congress.

Ron Paul is committed to freedom in all of its forms: He is for free markets, free trade, free citizens, and free minds. He is for freedom from government, freedom from tyranny, freedom from bureaucracy, and freedom from debt.

Ron Paul is supported by tens of thousands of people from all across the political spectrum for many different but important reasons. Here are a few for which you might join them: If you're pro-market, pro-gun, pro-life, pro-gold, pro-business, pro-trade, or just pro-America; if you're a Libertarian, a Constitutionalist, an Independent, a classical Conservative, or a progressive Democrat; if you're against the Iraq war, against the Drug War, against regulation of the Internet, against government deficits, against taxes, against bureaucracy, against illegal immigration, against imperialism, against abortion, against federalized education, or against government subsidies; if you abhor secrecy, wiretapping, entangling alliances, preemptive war, torture, or violations of habeas corpus; if you think the founders were right; if you think the current administration is dangerous; if you think the wars of the 20th century have been costly and made us less safe; if you think people should be responsible for their own behavior; if you think you can't lead the world to freedom at the barrel of a gun; if you think the Constitution is inviolable; if you think citizens should always be able to defend themselves; if you're young and believe things can be different; if you're middle aged and think things are going in the wrong direction; or if you're older and think the US is losing it's standing in the world and it's legacy; if you're a small business owner who wants to keep more of his earnings, an avid reader who doesn't want his or her library book-list checked by the FBI, a Podcaster who thinks the Internet should never be tampered with, a citizen who thinks government must be accountable to the people, a young adult who doesn't want ten trillions dollars of US debt to fall on him or her, a political economist who fears China being the main lender of US credit, a teacher who doesn't want the government's testing policy determining his or her curriculum, a mother or father who doesn't want her son or daughter to die in wars that won't make us safer, a cancer patient who thinks access to medicinal drugs is a citizen's right, a parent who thinks families can and should regulate what their children watch and surf, or just a person who's ready for a change.

There are many reasons to support Ron Paul and many different reasons that people do, but behind all of them is the honesty and the transparency of one very thoughtful man: Perhaps the most important reason to support Ron Paul is not even for his positions but because Ron Paul always speaks his mind, and when he does he speaks the truth. He doesn't pander or craft sound-bites. He's not about looking polished or sounding rehearsed. He doesn't need to have other people write his speeches for him; because, after writing hundreds of his own articles, drafting hundreds Congressional speeches, authoring tens of Congressional bills, and publishing four of his own books, he knows what he thinks, and he says it himself. As a trained economist, a phenomenally accomplished doctor, and a dedicated politician, Ron Paul doesn't need to be handled. But he does need your support...

Read more about Ron Paul at ronpaul2008.com or check out some of his great videos on YouTube: You might also find other Paul supporters at ronpaul.meetup.com, connect profiles at myspace.com/ronpaul, ask the Congressman to give a speech in your town at eventful.com/ronpaul, or last but not least show your financial support at ronpaul2008.com/donate. Ron Paul is not an Internet sensation for nothing; he's an Internet sensation because of all of the people who have had the opportunity and taken the time to carefully consider and appreciate the simplicity and the sincerity of his message. In a democracy, people get what they deserve... Think we deserve better than what we've had lately? So does Ron Paul.

Here's a PDF LINK (http://jorlowitz.googlepages.com/whoisforronpaul.pdf) which is handout-ready (click 'pdf link' to load)


Here's a DOC LINK (http://jorlowitz.goglepages.com/whoisforronpaul.com) if you'd like to work with the text or layout (click 'doclink' to load)
*I made and converted them in Open Office 2.2.0

If you have comments, you can email me at jorlowitz~@~gmail.com (no '~') or PM at the forum.


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Looks pretty good Jake.

Add republican.

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I like it. Good work.

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His wife's name is Carol...

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Yeah, "Mildred" was just filler; thought I up uploaded the new version. Thanks