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12-18-2007, 03:00 AM
I will be camping in my father's basement in SOUTH CAROLINA over christmas break and I will be ingesting alot of coffee and ritalin.

I do plan to do my own graphic design and canvassing work in south carolina.

Of course I am willing to help anyone here with any project just let me know, I do not mind to do any kind of graphic design for Dr. Paul. I am very flexible.

Please be aware that if you truly want to collaborate ( work together in real life, on the ground ) I have penchant for the slightly less noble, i.e. graffiti / deceptive marketing etc.

{ i actually feel all marketing is propaganda and until you realize that then you have already lost the game...:( }

Here is a bad example of something I was working on for a flash site a while ago:


if anyone would like to use my services ( not abuse!) or work together in any fashion or if you are just a cute RP girl and want to get "coffee" feel free to email me at grayzen@gmail.com

12-18-2007, 09:43 AM
We would love some random designed banners done for the next money bomb site we are setting up if you would like to help out. PM me and we can get it going. The site design is underway BUT if you would like to offer up a design concept as well then by all means we can leave it up to the members to choose which one to use OR rotate them out.

We really want to get a mass amount of different styles of banners so people can post them everywhere online and not all have the same feel so they can attract different people.

As far as any type of marketing guerilla or not, its politics and honestly I think we are playing much cleaner then most so do what you do best.