View Full Version : The Next Big Thing: Voice Messaging for Ron Paul!

Steven Vincent
12-18-2007, 01:12 AM
Josh: Here’s the email announcement we have been using about our campaign. It will probably be updated soon. It’s good to get this around.

Special Announcement!

“Message of Freedom Campaign!”

Calling for Freedom...
Calling for Ron Paul

We can reach literally MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of Americans with a message about Ron Paul.

The movement to elect Ron Paul has utilized technology to reach and organize people like no other presidential campaign in history. And now, we will use cutting edge Voice Broadcasting technology to reach literally millions and millions of Americans with Ron Paul's "Message of Freedom". A Ron Paul supporter is supplying the use of this technology and his offices, making possible a massive campaign that could literally contact every American with a telephone.

Voice Broadcasting sends literally hundreds of thousands of messages via telephone simultaneously. The recipient of the call can listen to the short 30-45 second message and can also choose to “press 1” to be connected with a live, Ron Paul volunteer supporter who will answer questions and send them some literature.

We will begin by contacting the voters of the key early primary and caucus states of New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada. We could EASILY call every telephone in the states with small populations like New Hampshire, Iowa and Nevada. Initial callings to California, Iowa and Nevada have been very successful.

Please help make a huge impact on the results of these elections in favor of Ron Paul.

Donate Now!

$10 Contribution = 500 Messages
$25 Contribution = 1,250 Messages
$50 Contribution = 2,500 Messages
$100 Contribution = 5,000 Messages
$250 Contribution = 12,500 Messages
$500 Contribution = 25,000 Messages
$1000 Contribution = 50,000 Messages
$2000 Contribution = 100,000 Messages
$2500 Contribution = 125,000 Messages
$4000 Contribution = 200,000 Messages
$5000 Contribution = 250,000 Messages

We are very, very, VERY lucky to have access to this technology at the best price possible. We absolutely MUST take full advantage of this opportunity. For the same amount of money that was raised for another very worthy project, the Ron Paul Blimp, we could reach 17 MILLION AMERICANS with a message about Ron Paul.

Given the very short amount of time we have to turn this election in Ron Paul’s favor, the “Message of Freedom Campaign” is the most cost effective and time efficient way of reaching very large numbers of voters QUICKLY. In fact, we could get a message to every American with a telephone for around $3 million!

Can we raise $500,000 before the Iowa caucus to reach 25 million Americans? Of course we can! Let’s do it! If 10,000 Ron Paul supporters give just $50.00 each, we will meet that goal.

Ron Paul supporters in Southern California are ready to receive the inbound calls from Americans hungry for the Freedom Message. The technology and the the offices are waiting and at our disposal. All we need are your contributions. Please help us make this project a massive success:

*Please donate generously: http://www.unitedforliberty.com/call4paul/
*Please spread the word of this campaign everywhere!
*Set up a Call Center and receive inbound calls! Any office with telephones will do!
*Reply to this email to get involved and help

Steven Dore’s “Message of Freedom” is the theme song for this campaign. Thanks Steve! Check out his YouTube supporting this effort: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQAY6nFJvbM

For more information visit: http://ronpaulfreedommessage.com/callamerica.html
Sample outgoing messages:

A Co-Production of:
Americans United for Liberty PAC,
"The Freedom Message with Steven Vincent",
Contemporary Marketing Systems of Irvine, CA.,
the Irvine, CA. Ron Paul Meetup Group
The Beverly Hills CA. Ron Paul Meetup Group
and YOU!