View Full Version : Jan 12th instead of 10th?

12-17-2007, 10:09 PM
Not for nothin guys but, Nov.5th worked because of the movie, Dec.16th worked because of the original Tea Party...but Jan 10th? Most people, and probably more than that, have NO IDEA who Thomas Paine was! So we would actually have to create US History classes just to get people up to speed, let alone motivated to donate! I think, that if we want to have another big day (am I the only one who doesn't care much for the term "money bomb"?) at the beginning of the year a better option would be the 12th. John Hancock's B-day. At least the majority of people are somewhat familiar with who he is.
Secondly, I've read "Common Sense" and it doesn't quite flow as easily as the title might suggest. Although it's a very important, inspiring essay, it might be a little bit much, especially since, unfortunately, most people will really only find time to read it during the commercial breaks during the season premier of "Who Wants To Marry A Midget Dog Whisperer?"
I think, if we really want to stick with the heart of the good Dr's campaign and message, and we trully have access to cheap printing presses, we should keep it simple and print / distribute THE CONSTITUTION! Think about it, here we are screaming our heads off about the constitution and really how many Americans have ever REALLY read, let alone own, a copy of the darn thing? Especially if you went to public schools during the last 30 or so years!
And I yield the floor.......