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12-17-2007, 07:05 PM
Default January 10th -- A day for COMMON SENSE !

"Common Sense" by Thomas Paine was THE pamphlet that kicked off the FIRE for independence. It was first published (anonymously) on January 10, 1776

Info from:
(Note that Jan 10th as the publication date is backed up also by Enc. Brittanica and several other dependable sources.)

IMHO, this is THE BEST day for the next BIG NATIONWIDE grassroots effort -- It will come on the HEELS of a "good position" in IOWA, and a "very good position" in NEW HAMPSHIRE...

And if we band together, the RonPaulNation *AND* the campaign push together BOOTS ON THE GROUND (*NOT* just a money-bomb) -- into ALL of the remaining "early states" and massively into the TWENTY ONE so-called "Super-Duper-Tuesday" states that vote on February 5th.

(Plus, we can raise a BOATLOAD of cash that the campaign will BE ABLE to use to EXTEND the reach into the SDT states ...and BEYOND!)

And we can even REPUBLISH copies of "Common Sense" and get them out to the masses -- in a VERY affordable way!


(Can someone STICKY this -- and get it to TREVOR and VIJAY as well!)

Note that I just grabbed and now own BOTH of the following domains:


And I will hold them for use by the grassroots campaign (whoever is best to run them).