View Full Version : FundRasing Line Graph Templates - Ron Paul vs The FrontRunners

Alex Libman
12-17-2007, 06:32 PM
Now that we've set the one-day record and with no big moneybombs feasible until after the NH primary, I think an important fund-raising motivator will be comparing Paul's numbers with the so-called front-runners. We'll probably blow them away this quarter, but (since their numbers declined) comparing to the previous quarters (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fundraising_for_the_2008_presidential_election) might be worth-while to push for ever-more donations!

What I'm envisioning is a line graph inspiring people to donate before the year's end to beat Romney's Q1 total of $21,084,634! That would mean we've raised more in Q4 than any Republican in any quarter! It can be done visually by putting a goal line with Romney's face on it, or something like that.

If we reach that, hypothetically speaking the next milestones would be: $21,343,291 (Obama in Q3), $25,797,722 (Obama in Q1), $27,021,358 (Clinton in Q2), $27,859,861 (Clinton in Q3), $33,120,440 (Obama in Q2), and $36,054,569 (Clinton in Q1). I am also pitching the idea of comparing Ron Paul's success to Howard Dean's inflation-adjusted fundraising data from 2004.

I've sent an e-mail to Dan from RonPaulGraphs.com (http://www.RonPaulGraphs.com/) about this, and I'm wondering if any PhotoShop experts here could pitch some visual ideas - a graph template for each milestone. Who knows, this could go as viral as a moneybomb!