View Full Version : Sketch Artist Needed for Political Cartoon

12-17-2007, 12:30 PM
Here's what I'm imagining:

Uncle Sam is pissed and armed to the teeth. He's walking with a purpose and about to step on the street or onto some train tracks. Behind him is a little Ron Paul and tiny supporters trying to hold onto his coat tails and pull him back from the curb. Why? Well, an oncoming bus or train labeled with "Debt" "Inflation" "War" etc. On/in/driving the train is GW Bush, also on the train are the rest of the media darling candidates (Huckabee, Hillary, Obama, Guilliani, McCain, Edwards, etc.)

The message: Uncle Sam is about to get hit by a bus and Ron Paul is the only candidate trying to bring us back from the brink. The rest of the field is ON the bus.

If you can draw this and things like it, PLEASE do. Post them so we can share them.