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12-16-2007, 06:43 PM
Dear Ron Paul fans,

I am a Ron Paul supporting blogger and donater - www.abuhatem.com

I have been dismayed at a lack of presence of a Ron Paul supporting website or blog aimed at Arab Americans and Muslim Americans.

Arab and Muslim Americans would be fervent supporters of the Ron Paul message. 80% of American Muslims were Repulicans until 2004, when the figure dwindled to 20%. Muslim and Arab Americans are against the war in Iraq, for a free-market economy, and for our civil liberties. Arab Americans have also been supporters of sound money, with many Muslims throughout the world urging a return to the gold standard.

Ron Paul is also the only candidate who supports cutting off all foreign aid to Israel. His stance on religious freedom is also commendable, as Ron Paul does not seek to wipe out religion from public life like extreme secularists (as he has stated before in - "Texas Straight Talk.")

The problem is that many Arab and Muslim Americans do not know who Ron Paul actually is. Ron Paul would have a huge following with this constituency if a "Arab Americans for Paul," website was set up with Joomla, or Wordpress, like the previous "Christians for Paul," or "Libertarians for Paul," websites.

I would be willing aid in the creation of an "Arab Americans and Muslim Americans for Paul," website if anyone could help me with the web design aspect. Using wordpress we would not have to really get server space. Or even if we did, we could spend the money and pay for it.

If anyone is up for the job and can give assistence, please contact me, abuhatem@abuhatem.com


abu hatem.

12-17-2007, 11:04 PM
There's a brand new site already for that with Joomla and Wordpress available.

I'm hosting it for the young man who had the idea. His contact info is on the site.

ArabAmericansForRonPaul.com (http://ArabAmericansForRonPaul.com)