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Where's WelJo Productions
12-16-2007, 06:15 PM
I have a great idea for a campaign commercial, but I don't have the time to achieve it at the moment and I don't want to sit on it either. I believe it to be clever and consequently think it would get a buzz going.

Basically, it would be a spoof on the drug commercials that we've all become used to seeing every day. It would start like a drug commercial with someone talking about how they began experiencing certain symptoms (e.g. purchasing power, restriction in civil liberties, etc., etc.) and that they asked their doctor (Ron Paul) who told them that their condition was a result of government oppression, largesse, etc. They would then say he prescribed me a daily dose of this book (the constitution) and then go on about it's benefits. At the end the spokesperson would say "Ask your doctor if freedom is right for you!" Then at the end an announcer would say something to the effect really fast, that "symptoms of freedom may include sudden increases in economic prosperity, liberty, and peace with mankind", etc. etc.

Anyway this is an idea that I think would make a really good commercial. If there is anyone out there with the capability to make a professional commercial I would love to discuss a script, so feel free respond and I will be in touch.


12-16-2007, 06:40 PM
There's a good one that starts out.."depression hurts"..Maybe you could start one out with some symptoms of apathy..."Do you feel like the world is changing for the worse, and you can do nothing about it? Does it not matter who wins the election? blah blah..This condition is called apathy, and has cripped thousands of Americans..LOL..u know the rest..

Where's WelJo Productions
12-16-2007, 06:44 PM
That's not a bad idea! I need to research the various commercials and see what would make the best spoof.

12-16-2007, 07:07 PM
Script for 1 minute - Ron Paul Military Commercial – Endorsement approach


Scene 1 – I am Ron Paul and I am the champion of the Constitution -5 seconds

Scene 2 –MEPS graduates raising right hand swearing in and giving oath to defend the Constitution -20 seconds This is the background, This needs to be the sound of a large group giving the oath. All veterans will remember this day. However, it would be better to get video of the graduation when you have a large group in full uniform.


Military Retiree or Active Duty endorsement

Scene 3 – I am retired Navy Master Chief ___________ _______________and I support Ron Paul Because he supports the constitution

Scene 4 - I am retired Army Colonel ___________ ____________ – I took an oath to defend the constitution. That’s why I support Ron Paul.

Closing Professional voice over

(This scene could possibly be the flag with words or panned photos of Ron Paul in military dress)
With Ron Paul as president our troops will be under American authority as required by the Constitution. Not under command of UN foreigners. Ron Paul proudly served America as a flight surgeon in Vietnam. He supports our veterans, he supports our troops and they support him. Of all Presidential candidates Ron Paul has received the most campaign contributions from active duty personnel for 2 quarters in a row. Sadaam was defeated. We have victory with honor now it is time to come home.

Remember the Oath -Defend the Constitution -Vote Ron Paul

I am Ron Paul and I approve this message……

12-16-2007, 08:09 PM
The "depression hurts" one is PERFECT, the more I think about it. It has people looking about the same way they would, if just apathetic. You could have a wife or somesuch saying, Honey, I don't think this Iraq war is constitutional..(he just hangs his head) Kid comes in with some history papers or papers about voting--He turns away. mumbles his vote is never heard, or somesuch. Narration says "apathy hurts others around you"--scenes from the war, or whatever..anyway, as soon as you see the depression hurts ad, for some dumb medicine, you will HAVE this RP ad..

GL I love the idea..

I found a link to the ad..it does not have the sound nor narration, but I think you will get the idea..http://www.depressionhurts.com/index.jsp