View Full Version : Anyone good with search engines?

12-15-2007, 07:28 PM
I think it would be great if someone could figure out a way to make teaparty07 a top hit for a search for "tea party" on yahoo or google. Maybe some people will be searching for tea party solely because tomorrow is the anniversary. Or maybe people will be searching for tea party because they heard someone mention teaparty07 but didn't know it had to do with Ron Paul.

12-15-2007, 07:37 PM
the only way to do this as fast as your proposing is to buy "Adwords" or ppc ads on search engines.

This is definitely possible, but will require money, and it's pretty short notice.

12-15-2007, 07:40 PM
I think it might be too late to get Boston Tea Party (http://teaparty07.com) or Tea Party (http://teaparty07.com) to point to our intended website by the end of tomorrow. However, if we had started this earlier, the tactic would have been what you see above: link to the site from outside sites using the words you want to target as search terms. Its called "google bombing." It may happen naturally depending on the press coverage of the event tomorrow and its popularity in blogs.

12-15-2007, 07:50 PM
Also, it is already showing up in the "news results" section on a google search for tea party. News results are now integrated with the main search results on google, so I think this will be to our advantage tomorrow.