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12-15-2007, 03:15 PM
Hey everyone,

Christmas is coming and many volunteers will be spending the holiday here, including our youngest Paulunteers, Hosanna, age 3, and David, age 20 months. You may remember them from the You Tube video Tots for Paul.

It's hard being away from family, getting out in the cold and going door to door, sign waving, and spreading the freedom message here in New Hampshire.

We would greatly appreciate if you could send some Christmas gifts to our volunteers here in New Hampshire. It would help encourage and motivate them during a time that may otherwise be difficult to go through away from home.

Some things on the Christmas Wishlist:

Gas Cards (We have Shell stations here. It costs a lot to canvass)
Gift Cards (We do have Costco and Walmart for help w/ groceries)
Any type of Care packages with Christmas Goodies

$$ of course. I (Laura Lounsbury) have started a chip in for the volunteers here. http://newhampshireorbust.chipin.com/volunteer-christmas-in-new-hampshire I am in charge of the field house in Rye Beach and will be able to distribute any donations, buy any of the above things, and also use the money to make sure the volunteers get a great Christmas dinner.
This is a special request from me. My kids have gone through a lot to come out here. They have very few toys here, only a couple things that a fellow supporter gave us when we got here. We really don't have the $ to buy them anything for Christmas. If you would like to send them a gift my daughter Hosanna is 3 1/2 and is a typical little girl, my son David is almost 2.

Roxi's little girl Olivia, has also been affected by this. She's been away from her mom for 3 weeks while Roxi's been campaigning here in New Hampshire. Because Roxi's trip has cost her so much money she doesn't have much to spend on Olivia for Christmas. Any type of gift you could send sweet Olivia as well would be great. She's 5 and like typical girly stuff.

If you would like to send something to the volunteers here in New Hampshire please


Thanks you guys, and Merry Christmas!!!

Outside of Ron Paul Headquarters in Concord, NH
Laura Lounsbury and David

12-16-2007, 09:52 AM
We have received a great response about getting presents for our kids and we are very grateful!!

We have more than enough coming to make a great Christmas for the Ron Paul kids here in New Hampshire! Please continue donating to the chipin for the other volunteers to have a great Christmas as well!


Merry Christmas!!!!