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05-19-2007, 12:06 PM
Right now, I'm seeing most of the focus in regards to media attention being paid to getting Paul and his views on the second gen media, TV and radio (he seems to be doing quite well on the 3rd gen already.)

However, I think efforts need to be focused on getting him more column-space on the old fashion print media, especially the big newspapers like the NYTimes, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal. Additionally articles in magazines like Time or the Economist would be great.

I understand why people think it is best to focus on getting his name out on 24 hr cable news channels and talk show as for most of America, that is where they get their news. But the old print media is still the most respected source of news as well as the most intellectually serious source.

After all, where is it that 24 hour cable news channels and blogs get their news? Talk shows always seem to start with "in this mornings NYT, blah blah blah" and blogs start with "this article says blah blah blah, I say blah."

Ask respected conservative editorialist (I'm thinking George Will) to do a piece on Paul. Write letters to the editor. Ask people to send a journalist to spend a few days following Paul around, asking questions for a long piece. Also, it would be great if Paul could write a guest article for a big newspaper as other candidates have done.

Paul is an intellectually serious candidate, print media may still have the same biases that all media does, but they tend to be more professional and read by well, the smarter, richer, and more connected Americans to be frank.

Campaigning is hard work. There have been many a presidential candidate who has been burnt out by the campaign march by the time elections role around. We don't want Paul to be burnt out with interviews and appearances this early in the campaign.

The trickle-down effect works in media too. We need to start at the top. If the NYTimes is talking about it, you can be sure the next day everyone else will too.