View Full Version : So you think you can start a Revolution sitting in front of a computer screen?

Liberty Star
12-15-2007, 10:29 AM
On a normal day I would say 'No' as generally impact of on-the-ground campaigning is hard to beat. But today you can make a difference sitting in your chair.

Nature of Boston Tea Party money bomb lends itself well for online promotion using the http://www.teaparty07.com/ and other BTP video links in every email, communication today. If people can be sufficiently outraged about all that has gone wrong in domestic policies and foreign war policies, they can do something about it within hours by following couple of links and finding their wallets.

This is insta-marketing of Liberty Revolution that should suit our national style.

Remember how you felt when you first came across Ron Paul’s ideas? There are many Americans out there who still have not even heard of these powerful ideas. Today is the day to light up that fire and spread the light.

PRIORITY # 1 is TEA PARTY 07 today !! 16 hrs to SPREAD the WORD !!

Again post at:

CNN board
Yahoo message board
Talk Show host forums
Call any Talk SHow hosts
Goto SPorts Forums (Fantasy Football sites etc)
email all the people in your address book
Make calls

Today we need to WORK EXTRA EXTRA Hard lets place our goal to try and get 15 mil in one day, we might not make it but we sure will as hell try !!

Thanks guys!

One or more of these videos featured on http://www.teaparty07.com should be linked in every email, online communication with new audience today:

A- Ron Paul: Tea Party 07


B- Land of the Free


C- Ron Paul TeaParty07 , We Celeberate


D- The Strasbourg Tea Party - Europe for Ron Paul


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