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12-14-2007, 09:05 PM
Hi everyone,

This is Scott from the Boston meetup group. I'm working to provide streaming video services for the event on Sunday and wanted to know if anyone that is coming up could consider helping us with providing some technical equipment for backup/redundancy purposes. The following would be very helpful:

- Computers running windows 2000/XP
- Cellular broadband adapters/service
- Video camera compatible with the streaming software (most webcams and firewire/usb 2.0 camera will probably work)

We have purchased streaming services with EdgeCast networks and will be testing the service tomorrow. For those that can provide backup systems, you should install the software on these links to provide the streaming service, provided at the bottom of this post. If you feel you can help out in any way, please email me at sdinitto@gmail.com.

Once we have the links for broadcasting, they will be posted to this forum, then go nuts sending it onward.

We were going to charge a low rate for this vidcast, but we ultimately decided to provide it for free. Because we may get hit with a bandwidth surcharge, any donations to the Boston Tea Party effort would help out enormously, even if it's as little as 5 bucks (save the big bucks for Sunday!). You can donate to the Liberty League PAC supporting this event, and future Ron Paul efforts, by visiting this link:


Thank you in advance to anyone that can help out. If you'd like more information on the Liberty League PAC, please contact Bob French at bobfrench210@gmail.com. See you Sunday!


Download Links:



Make sure to review our User Guide and Web Services API. The most up to date version of these documents are always available for quick download on the home page of your media control panel once you login. The guide has detailed instructions on how to use the EdgeCast service and the API documentation details our web services hooks in detail. These files can also be downloaded from the following links:

User Guide:
Web Services API: http://edgecastcdn.net/000002/ECDocumentation/EdgeCast_Webservices_API_1.02.pdf

System Requirements (Windows® only)
For capturing and encoding live audio/video feeds with Flash Media Encoder 2:

* Microsoft® Windows® XP Service Pack 2 or higher
* Windows Vista: Ultimate; Business and Enterprise
* Windows Server 2003, 32-bit Web Edition or higher
* Intel Pentium® 3 or compatible processor; 933MHz or higher
* 256MB RAM minimum; 1GB recommended
* 40MB hard disk space (excludes archived Flash Video files)
* 1024 x 768 Screen Resolution with 32 bit Color Quality
* Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime version 9.0c
* Microsoft DirectShow-compatible video capture device (Note: Tested devices are listed here.)

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bump, that's all i can do to help.

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what happened to this?

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I watched it! :-)

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I watched it too.

Very niice.