View Full Version : DNC complains to the Election Commission.

05-11-2019, 01:54 AM
The DNC just announced it will be seeking justice via the Election Commission. The new complaint is against Mr. Trump's party - the GOP. The party is accused of cheating in the future 2020 Elections. It is true the election hasn't happened yet, but the DNC problem is almost all the candidates' campaigns are inactive at this point. Trump is simply too strong. According to most of the still active campaign managers, all Mr. Trump does is he tells the truth and doesn't give a fuck. There is also an additional material proving a cartoon called HonkHonk was responsible for the latest destructive move by Mr.Trump's party. After posting a meme online, some of the paid supporters were turning their support off while saying: "We are so happy we don't have to do this anymore. All of this for Joe's and his buddies latest con. :hearteyes:"