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You forgot something....a little something smooth out the red bull.....:D


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Oh yes, you can never forget the Jagernator. Definitely my alcohol of choice. I keep a giant bottle of Jager and a case of red bull in my house at all times. ;)

BTW, those Jager shot glasses own. My buddy has a couple. I think they fit a couple ounces of liquor in each glass. I'm not sure the exact amount, though. I just know a few full shots will quickly empty a bottle.

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Menthol Patch
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Do you want to go BEYOND the typical Ron Paul supporter to promote the Tea Party of 2007 and boost Ron Paul into undeniable TOP TIER status? Then please complete the following checklist ASAP! By all of us uniting together and getting this checklist done we can make history on Dec. 16th!

Please complete the following seven point checklist. If you cannot check a task as completed then please check those tasks you can, go and complete the tasks remaining, and then come back and check the remaining task(s)!

( ) I have sent messages and alerts to all my Facebook, Myspace, Digg, Youtube, and other social networking friends and associates telling them about the Tea Party!

( ) I have mentioned the Tea Party of 2007 on every other message board and forum I participate on and have encouraged them to donate!

( ) I have told every person in my immediate and extended family about the Tea Party of 2007 and have encouraged them to make a donation!

( ) I have told my all of my real-life friends and associates about the Tea Party of 2007 and encouraged them to make a donation!

( ) I have told my neighbors or room mates about the Tea Party and encouraged them to make a donation!

( ) I have sent a message to each person in my Meetup group and encouraged them to support the Tea Party, spread the word about the Tea Party, and to find ways to increase the size of their personal donations!

( ) I have and will continue to make every reasonable effort to find ways to increase the amount of my personal donation to the Tea Party to help reach the goal of ten million dollars. This may include working extra hours, cutting non-essential personal expenditures, selling items of value, or raising funds in some other (legal and ethical) way!