View Full Version : If you go to church this Sunday, please tell everyone to donate

12-13-2007, 06:12 PM
Churches are good places to get the word out about Ron Paul. Encourage folks to donate, event if it's $5 to $10. Be sure to tell them that this is history in the making - most people really connect with that emotionally. Also mention that Ron Paul is a (or the) frontrunner when it come to raising money among the GOP candidates and that his poll numbers are steadily rising. When I tell people those two facts, their attitude about Ron Paul change dramatically - you can see their faces change instantly (it makes a big impression). At that point, people usually want to hear more so be prepared to answer their questions.

We MUST get the word out that Ron Paul is highly electable. That fact, and that he is the best hope to beat Hillary, are two major points that we should be getting across to people.