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03-10-2019, 05:53 PM
Black Conservatives Debate Black Liberals on American Politics (Extended Version) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVIoC5ROaHk)


By popular demand, this is an extended cut of the original version of this debate we published here on YouTube (watch the original debate here: https://youtu.be/HGAsMtcPy_c)

Who voted for Donald Trump? Who voted for Barack Obama? What’s it like seeing a black person wearing a MAGA hat? Has the black vote been taken for granted?

Black conservatives and liberals hash it out in the VICE Office.

Watch the full-length documentary: The Young Black Conservatives of Trump's America -- https://youtu.be/DWam9FSRvGI

0:57 - What first comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump?
1:59 - "Drain the swap" and capitalism
3:28 - Who here voted for Donald Trump?
4:54 - What is your impression when you see a black person wearing a MAGA hat?
5:51 - Black conservatives talk about how they're treated in the black community
9:17 - Who here voted for Obama?
11:06 - Who was disappointed by Obama's presidency?
15:34 - Issues with the Trump presidency
16:28 - Why vote for Donald Trump?
19:55 - Disagreements on systems of oppression - welfare, taxes, etc
23:29 - Policies that Republicans and Democrats disagree on that help and hinder the black community
26:09 - Black wealth and reparations
29:24 - Black voters being synonymous with the Democratic party
32:26 - Student loans and college
35:22 - Should the black vote be courted?

03-10-2019, 05:54 PM
Short version:


03-10-2019, 06:00 PM
One thing that is interesting about this debate is the difference between what people say in person versus what they would say on social media.

For example this part: 4:54 - “What is your impression when you see a black person wearing a MAGA hat?” It is highly likely that the people who didn’t say a whole lot would probably react much differently if it was an internet interaction.

It is safe to say that the internet with it’s lack of the in-person aspect and also it’s tendency towards echo chambers is the main cause of the toxic political climate in the US today.

Anti Globalist
03-10-2019, 06:50 PM
Great video.

03-10-2019, 07:15 PM
Coulter was right when she said "our blacks are better than their blacks."

03-22-2019, 06:56 AM
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