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12-13-2007, 01:06 PM

"Under the banner, “Mike Huckabee – a ‘True’ Conservative?,” the flier blasts Huckabee on immigration and taxes…."

"Huckabee is not quite as liberal another former governor from Arkansas. He seems to lack the integrity to back up his rhetoric.

I've read that he helped increase taxes because of the State's balanced budget amendment and had every intention to lower them, but time ran out.

I'm not an expert, but isn't the conservative approach generally to attempt to cut spending to balance the budget and not increasing taxes?

]Part of the reason for the "new discoveries" about Huckabee is probably rooted in his taking votes from Fred Thomson.

(I wonder if the surge of Huckabee is in direct relation to the fact that recently Thompson trashed the Confederate Battle Flag publically. As did Romney and as had McCain. The only two who have not done this are Huckabee and Ron Paul.(not counting Rudy of course)

Huckabee's views here need some air time, flier time, quickly...)

Huckabee on immigration:

In a impassioned speech before hundreds of influential Hispanic civil rights leaders from across the nation, Gov. Mike Huckabee told a captive audience Wednesday that America is great because it has always opened it doors up to people seeking a better way of life... “Pretty soon, Southern white guys like me may be in the minority,” Huckabee said jokingly as the crowd roared in laughter.
Highlights of Mike Huckabee's track record on illegal immigration:

2006: Supported President Bush’s immigration plan and claimed that opposition to Bush’s proposal was driven by “racism or nativism” and that it wasn’t amnesty. ( Ralph Hallow, “Huckabee ‘Serious’ About Presidency,” Washington Times, 5/17/06)
Wrote in his 2007 book that implementing strict enforcement of immigration laws “would be sheer folly” and that it made sense to give “those here illegally a process through which they pay a reasonable fine in admission of their guilt for the past infraction of violating our border laws and agree to adhere to a pathway toward legal status and citizenship.” (Mike Huckabee, From Hope to Higher Ground, 2007, p. 117-118)
As Governor, Huckabee fought for in-state tuition and taxpayer funded scholarships for illegal immigrants. He opposed legislation to require proof of citizenship in order to obtain public benefits and to vote. He vocally opposed a raid on a factory in Arkansas that employed illegal immigrants. And he led an effort to bring a Mexican Consulate to Arkansas - one of the main functions of the Consulate would be to issue identification cards to Mexicans living, both legally and illegally, in the U.S.
Championed an effort in Arkansas to give in-state tuition at state colleges and taxpayer-funded scholarships to illegal immigrants, similar to the DREAM Act proposal at the federal level. (Laura Kellams, “Senators research U.S. law on aliens,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 1/27/05)
When Republican state senators in Arkansas proposed legislation modeled after Arizona’s Proposition 200 [to require proof of citizenship for voting and public benefits], “Huckabee described it as ‘inflammatory ... race-baiting ... demagoguery.’ He said the bill, which seeks to forbid public assistance and voting rights to illegal immigrants, ‘inflames those who are racist and bigots and makes them think there’s a real problem. But there’s not.’” (Governor says anti-illegals measure could scare off companies like Toyota,” A ssociated Press, 2/3/05)
Opposed a raid on illegal immigrants in an Arkansas poultry plant even though calls to his office were “about 1,000 to one” against his stance. (Melissa Nelson, “Huckabee Risks Political Fortunes To Denounce Immigration Raid,” Associated Press, 8/5/05)
Helped lead the effort to open a Mexican Consulate in Little Rock to issue Matricula Consular cards to Mexicans living in the U.S. (including those in the U.S. illegally). Many banks, including some in Arkansas, accept the card as a valid form of identification. (Jon Gambrell, “Ark. Candidates Criticize Mexican Matricula Cards,” AP, 10/18/06)
Writing for World Net Daily, Dr. Corsi exposed the fact that Mike Huckabee “worked with some of the state’s most prominent and politically powerful businesses to establish the [Mexican] consulate as a magnet for drawing illegal immigrants to the state to accept low-paying jobs.”

This is scaring the bejayzus out of the Southern voters as they are the ones dealing witht he negative effects of lax border control, when it comes to Mexican immigrants.
I'm sure it can be done skilfully without causing racism as that is not my intention. My intention is targeting the illegal immigrant problem.

Charles Wilson
12-13-2007, 02:37 PM
raiha thanks. Huckabee is just another demagog. "You will know them by their fruits".

12-13-2007, 09:24 PM
This man is THE most insincere person, that one can imagine. I met him at a Chamber of Commerce party. We talked about 3 minutes. He is SO charismatic, it is actually powerful. Now I see it as his "Preacher" mode, but then I was pretty awed by him. I shook his hand. I told him how proud I was that he stood up for the rights of business owners, when he had said that he would not prohibit smoking in businesses in this state. He told me how he just did not feel people should be told what to do in their own business, and we smiled at each other, and I thanked him. Right before he left office, about a year or two later, he passed a law banning smoking in all businesses.

Then I read an article that is absolutely right on from someone else. I have excerpted it below, and post a link to the entire story. Anything in ** are my comments.

Heidi Przybyla
Thu Dec 13, 12:07 PM ET

.......Club for Growth, the Washington-based anti-tax advocacy group that has been hammering Huckabee for raising taxes as governor.

Huckabee oversaw tax increases, including 37 percent higher sales taxes, 16 percent higher motor fuel taxes and 103 percent higher cigarette taxes, according to Americans for Tax Reform in Washington. Huckabee may face another problem with anti-tax advocates: his past pledge not to raise taxes.
``Tax increases are out,'' Huckabee said on Nov. 14, 2001, the Associated Press reported.

.....Grover Norquist, president of the anti-tax group A**(Americans for Tax Reform )**, said he hadn't heard about Huckabee's earlier pledge.
Americans for Tax Reform was and is critical of his tax- and-spending increases,'' Norquist said. ``This is not like being born again where it washes away the sins.''

***Arkansas has state tax, tax on food, personal income tax, personal property tax, an extra tax on video rentals and entertainment, real estate tax, a county tax, and 2 different city taxes, where I live. The state also charges an extra 2% for tourists in a motel room. A motel (I own a little one) also has to collect and pay a 2% tourist tax to the city. ******

***Towards the end of the article it says..***

...``We need a tax code that doesn't make rich people poor but makes it possible for poor people to get rich,'' Huckabee said.

This REALLY got me, as I have heard MANY times that he is for a flat tax. That statement sure sounds good, but it does not even make sense. What is he going to do? Discriminate and collect taxes on yachts and big diamond rings, and stuff? Give the poor people a cut? The man is so inconsistent that it sickens me. He is a puppet, I tell you. He says whatever one wants to hear at the time, and does what he is told.

All I know is that even if Dr. Paul loses the Presidential nomination, the Ron Paul Movement is just getting started. Read the Constitution. Take the time. We must be true to our roots. The KEY to it was a small Federal Government. The States were supposed to work most things out.