View Full Version : Obama's Last-Minute Land Grabs Only The Tip Of Presidential Excess

01-09-2019, 10:15 AM
Todays Republicans want over 2,000 Miles to be handed to the FED.


Imagine a free government that would empower a single individual to sign a piece of paper that arbitrarily takes millions of acres of land out of public use without public input and without deliberations by the elected representatives of the people assembled in the legislature.

Imagine a free republic where an individual can arbitrarily take away property rights and wipe out billions of dollars in potential value with the stroke of a pen.

Our founders would have found it preposterous, but that is what we have inherited in America in 2016.

In the waning days of his administration, Barack Obama has been gobbling up land and eliminating potential wealth at a rate unprecedented in American history.

In just the last week of 2016, Obama arbitrarily took 1.35 million acres in Utah to create the Bears Ears National Monument. This action came despite all elected representatives from the area (from the governor and state legislators to the members of Congress from Utah) being opposed to the action.

And it came irrespective of the years of delicate negotiations that had taken place to work out a compromise among the various interests. The president also just set aside more than 300,000 acres to create the Gold Butte National Monument in Nevada.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg of Obama’s attempt to create a legacy of environmental preservation. In all, Obama has taken 554,590,000 acres of land and sea out of use for private citizens and out of the deliberative processes of government.
Then George W. Bush came along to blow the doors off all previous records, locking up more than 200 million acres in the federal national monuments storehouse. Now Obama is on his way toward tripling Bush’s record.

The past three presidents have abused the intent of the act in order to burnish their own legacies and have short-circuited the deliberative structures of constitutional government in the process.

What would the Founding Fathers have thought of a national government that empowers an individual to take land without congressional action or local control?

Well, they may not have recognized it as a free government at all. To Madison and other key Framers, the very definition of tyranny was the concentration of powers. Not even the most executive power friendly member of the Constitutional Convention would have counseled giving such power to any individual or group.