View Full Version : The LP needs to back Dave Smith if he's up for it

12-12-2018, 11:58 PM
He is a semi-famous comedian and has an outstanding podcast.

He is tight with Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell, Scott Horton, Ron Paul and all our liberty friends.

He is anti-PC, wicked sharp, and politically cunning.

He knows Mises and Rothbard better than millennials know their iPhones.

He is a millennial. The best damn millennial libertarian I have ever seen!

The kid is fearless and quite honestly would run circles around leftist detractors. He is an unabashed AnCap and brilliant enough to elucidate and defend the libertarian solution.

I'm sure many know him here, but if not, PLEASE listen to his podcast ('Part of the Problem').

I don't know why he doesn't run politically. He's obsessed with politics and has thrown his support behind the Mises Caucus for 2020. He just became a first-time dad so he is a little busy at the moment but you can tell if this kid had enough support he would go the distance to finish what Ron started a decade ago.

I am hyping him because he is the real deal. Imagine a 35 year old Tom Woods in Brad Pitt's body. Socialist chicks would fall hard for him.

Obviously the LP is hijacked and toast. Yet they are on all 50 ballots for the first time ever in 2020, and they will waste it on some tool who is pro-Fed. I'm not saying Dave Smith can win the presidency. But if he garnered 10% of the support Ron got, he could win the libertarian ticket and shape 2020, and possibly save the LP.

If after listening to one or two episodes of his podcast, you are not convinced that he is the single best hope for libertarianism in this era, I will back off.



12-13-2018, 06:36 AM
I know this site is now dead politically but if anyone has any ideas to convince him to throw his hat in the ring please put it out.

12-13-2018, 07:24 AM
Haven't heard of him. I'll have to give him a listen.