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12-13-2007, 09:04 AM
I thought that this post was a good idea except I'd say for all of you heading to Iowa and NH, this could be a good idea to do whenever you eat out:

Dear Iowan Ron Paul Friends

Have you noticed these NPR stories about Hillary and her campaign
staff apparently "stiffing" their waitresses at the Big T Maid-Rite Restaurant in
Toledo Iowa?


Tipping, tipping; now where did I read something about "tipping?":rolleyes: Oh!
I remember!!!!!!!
How about this as a way to promote Ron Paul's Tax Free Tips Act?????????

A modest proposal:

1) Take a one dollar bill and write on it RonPaul2008.com or use one
of those nifty stamps if you have one. See http://www.ronpaulstamp.com/

2) Print off Ron Paul’s short introduction of the Tax Free Tips Act
[its one page] and fold the dollar into it.
You can find the Act at....

http://files.meetup.com/518875/TaxFreeTipAct2.pdf or at
http://files.meetup.com/512480/RP-Tax-Free-Tips.pdf or at
http://www.ozarksvoter.info/ronpaul/taxfreetip.pdf or at
http://www.lewrockwell.com/paul/paul412.html or at

[I'm partial to the first two or three]

Anita Esterday
c/o The Big T Maid-Rite Restaurant
200 Hwy 30 W, Toledo, IA

While we don’t have Maid-Rite restaurants back east here, I’ve learned from a little web-searching that it is something of an institution in Iowa and that the founder-entrepreneur, Fred Angell, is famous for his success in franchising Maid-Rite. It would seem to be a great place to generate a little publicity for Dr. Paul and I’m sure at the very least word would get around to some degree. Who knows; if the idea took hold and our fellow “Paulunteers” go for it, it could potentially turn into a big news story.

We could take it even further by volunteering a dollar envelope mailing to all of the Iowa Maid-Rite branches addressed “Waitresses Tip Jar” c/o Maid Rite Restaurant ,____,Iowa, etc.

Now beyond the down right fun of possibly triggering our own little
mini "publicity bomb," consider the story linked below. This effort
would be piggy backing on a new national letter writing campaign
[sponsored by the LA meetup] to reach out to Iowans to vote for Paul
in the January caucus.


I hope you find merit in this idea. I’m sending my dollar to Anita today!!!

Yours for Peace, Prosperity and Freedom,

Chris Lewis
Long Island, NY

PS: In case this idea ends up having legs, and therefore to maximize the possibility of a good distribution across all the Maid-Rites in Iowa, note that on the Internet I can only find a listing of the NEW 10 locations,
( http://www.maid-rite.com/newlocations/newlocations.shtml ),
and will use this list in circulating a version of this letter to other meetups outside of Iowa. I assume there are at least that many already established that you as Iowans might have more ready info about.

And please: any council anyone cares to give as I go about this will be readily received. ("This is a Q&A and planning thread, the idea is not open for debate.")