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12-12-2007, 11:03 PM
Press Release
For Immediate Release

Celebration of December 16, 2007, the Boston Tea Party anniversary and mass donation day for Ron Paul campaign, protests excessive taxation, encroachment upon civil liberties, and out-of-control big government spending

A Ron Paul rally and reenactment of the Boston Tea Party on its 234th anniversary will take place at the river bank at North Shore Dr. and Art Rooney Ave. by Heinz Field at 11:30 AM on Sunday December 16, 2007.

As with the demonstration against British power, this modern reenactment reflects widespread discontent against the out-of-control federal government, big spending, rapidly declining dollar, and loss of personal liberties. Supporters of Dr. Ron Paul's Presidential Campaign – modern day patriots – will be urging their fellow Americans to vote for Rep. Paul in the 2008 Presidential election. The reenactment and rally is a part of a national, grassroots fund raising effort for the Paul campaign (www.teaparty07.com). An earlier mass-donation day on November 5th, raised a record breaking $4.3 Million in a 24-hour period (www.thisnovember5th.com). It is projected that “Tea Party 07” will break that record. Real-time fundraising data and graphs are available at www.ronpaulgraphs.com or paulcash.slact.net.

Dr. Ron Paul, a Pittsburgh native and 10-term Texas congressman and physician, has generated a ground swelling of grassroots support across the nation. His “freedom message” rooted in the Constitution has united many formerly jaded citizens, many of whom had not previously been politically active. When asked about his appeal in an Oct. 12 Q&A in the Washington Post, Paul replied: “I think I'm secondary to a message that they've been hungry for. It's not new, it's a message of those ideas that made America great—small government, self-reliance, peace, free trade.”

Paul supporters have stunned the nation with their zeal, creativity, and diversity of opinions across the political spectrum. Anti-war activists have joined ranks with social conservatives who want minimal interference with their families. Farmers concerned about Department of Agriculture policy and the estate tax have linked arms with civil libertarians troubled by Washington’s encroachments upon their rights to free speech and privacy. Still, others cite Paul's honesty and consistency, backed up by a 20-year record in Congress in which he has: never voted to raise taxes, never voted for an unbalanced budget, never voted to raise congressional pay, never taken a government-paid junket, never voted to increase the power of the executive branch, not participated in the lucrative congressional pension program, and repeatedly been named the “Taxpayers’ Best Friend” in Congress.


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I love Pittsburgh!

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Woot! Go Steelers! =P