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12-12-2007, 07:11 PM
Just posted a myspace bulletin for my friends/family and thought I'd share if anyone wanted to repurpose it. It's long, but heart-felt:


Important: Your help is needed this December 16th, 2007

There's another revolution going on in this country, despite the media's limited coverage of it, and that is the revolution NOT for a presidential candidate himself, but for the message of freedom, liberty, peace and prosperity that he is bringing to all of us.


I personally believe that Ron Paul will be the only candidate in my lifetime that has the strength, integrity and principles to TRULY deviate from the status quo of government-as-usual that we've all become accustomed to.

The media would have you believe that Dr. Ron Paul is not a serious candidate; that he doesn't have the support he needs; that his ideas are on the fringe. If using The United States Constitution and Bill of Rights as a basis for determining the best course of action for this country is considered a "fringe" idea, then they are (sadly) correct.

Unfortunately for the media, I will no longer leave it to them to decide who the best candidates are for me based on biased polls and opinions presented as fact. I will no longer vote against candidates, nor will I vote for the lesser of evils.

I will vote for the candidate that I unquestionably believe in, who has the character, principles and experience that the office requires, and who has an understanding and committment to the foundation of ideals that make this country great, regardless of whether he or she is a "top-teir" candidate or not.


Twenty years from now I would like to be content in the confidence that I actually quit bitching and got my lazy ass off the couch to actually do something for the better of this country, and I believe we are all extremely lucky to have the opportunity in Ron Paul to do so.

This is why I talk to everyone I know about Ron Paul. This is why I mail DVDs of his speeches to friends and family. This is why I vigorously make up for the deficit and deceit of the main stream media by spreading the word off- and on-line as much as I possibly can. This is why I donate to his campaign. And despite the media's constant downplaying, I am definitely not alone.

On November 5th, supporters of Ron Paul donated a whopping $4.3 million dollars, on their own, in 24 hours. No candidate has ever received so much support from average individuals like you and I. The media coverage that this garnered help to spread Ron's message of limited government and individual rights to anyone who would listen, but it has been far from fair and equal as compared to the other candidates.

Ron Paul does not accept contributions for his campaign from special interest groups, large organizations, lobby groups or corporations. Every penny that he earns comes from regular people, which makes it even more astounding that by the end of December, he will have likely received significantly more money from individual donations than ANY of the other Republican candidates.

Unfortunately, even that fact will not be enough for the media to give him the credit his message and Americans deserve.

Which brings me to why I am posting this bulletin.


December 16th is the anniversary for the Boston Tea Party. You know the one -- where patriots threw a boatload (literally) of tea into the Boston harbor in revolution-style angst against taxation without representation.

Likewise, thousands of Americans will rally on that day for another special event: donating to Ron Paul's campaign as a sign of support for the rEVOLution, and against the inflation tax created by a weakening dollar and irresponsible Federal Reserve.

I'm asking that you take part with me in what will be one of the most historically significant grassroots presidential campaigns there has ever been (and may ever be).


Yes friends, I realize that the holidays are here, that we're all busy with shopping and preparing. I understand that giving a donation during this time of the year, especially for a political candidate, is a tough argument to make.

But it's not merely a donation. It is a gift to the nation, and ANY amount, even a single dollar, will help.

Your contribution provides a chance for a truly principled presidential candidate to rise above the drama-laden dog and pony show that has overcome our election process. It is a chance for someone who believes in the hopes, dreams and beliefs of our founding fathers -- the things that have made our country great -- to help instill those same things in the hearts and minds of Americans for our generation and the next.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

December 16th Information

Ron Paul 2008 Campaign Site:

Ron Paul: A New Hope

Beyond your donation, please consider voting for Ron Paul in the primary or caucus in your state, some of which have already begun. Ron's ability to restore our republic will be determined by the amount of support shown in these early primary elections.

State Primary/Caucus Dates and Deadlines:

12-14-2007, 03:37 AM
can I copy paste this in myspace? just need your permission before I do.

Menthol Patch
12-14-2007, 03:54 AM
We need to all send bulletins and messages to all of our Myspace friends!