View Full Version : Iowa Impact?

Bobby Johnson
12-12-2007, 04:14 PM
I noticed some people here were a little disappointed with how Ron Paul did. One thing I did while watching the debate was think how Ron Paul's answers would affect the average voters in Iowa.

From what I understand, the Iraq war is a big issue. Something like 55% of Iowa Republicans in a recent poll want the troops home now. His first two questions in the debate were on foreign policy. He had another question asking what he would do in his first year in office. His answer basically stated he would bring the troops home. I think all three questions scored well with Iowa voters who don't like the Iraq war. He really set himself apart from the Republican field with those three responses.

Yes, some answers could have been better. However, overall I think Ron Paul did well. I wouldn't want to be him with the constant travel and pressure he must be feeling right now.