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12-12-2007, 04:06 PM
a mini paul blimp in every city!!'

1500 dollars..

"I just chipped in $15 - This is worth several thousand dollars in marketing, folks.

It's a 14 foot long replica of the Ron Paul Blimp. They are currently making another one and told me that they can get it to us in time for our Tea Party this weekend if we act quickly. It will cost about $1,500, including the cost of the helium we'll need to add once it arrives in Austin.

I have a chip-in for the Tea Party already set up, so if you can help us bring our very own blimp to Austin, please chip-in here:

We just need 100 people of the 1,000 in our group to chip-in $15, and Austin can have our very own blimp for the Tea Party - and then afterwards we'll fly it over the headquarters office off the 183. People will drive by and say --- "what the heck is THAT??" LOL!

I was at the office last weekend making the tea crates and a guy came in off of the street and said "I always see that big Ron Paul sign on the truck, and I figured it was finally time to stop by and get involved." He's not the first person who's done that. If a sign draws in new supporters, imagine what a BLIMP will do?

I think it's a great idea. If you agree, please donate TODAY! Thanks for helping.

The time is NOW!

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