View Full Version : Some interesting observations to consider

12-12-2007, 04:06 PM
This was a pretty fair debate.
No one really shined, however Keyes did come across as 'holier than thou' and crazy.

What was pretty apparent in this debate was that:
A) Issues were talked about - the issues discussed were never talked about in the old media debates.
B) Equal time was given. The question I would ask as an outsider is why were Ron Paul, Alan Keyes, and Duncan Hunter not given equal time on old media debates as they seemed to have answers more so than McCain and Thompson.
C) The negativity was absent and was refreshing however the time stealers were shown to be fake and grandstanders.

I felt that this debate would plant a seed in the undecided voter to do more research, I hope they research Dr. Paul. Donations are anemic in Iowa today - Huckabomb is past the $100K mark.

Also, the after debate discussion on Fox and CNN both showed Ron Paul unfavorably (of course). 70% of the American population wants the US out of Iraq yet these 42 people seemed to want to keep us over there?????
Not a real accurate sample folks.